Video: Renee Young’s 2012 WWE Audition

Renee Young
Renee Young auditions for a job with WWE

WWE has released video of Raw commentator Renee Young’s 2012 job audition. The clip has been added to the WWE Network as part of the Hidden Gems section. As seen below, Renee Young was given a pet grooming product and instructed to “sell” it” as a way to gauge her screen presence and improvisational speaking skills.

WWE and Renee Young

While Renee Young has been with the company since 2012, she has actually been working as a host for WWE programming longer than that. Young hosted “Aftermath” on the channel now known as Sportsnet 360 in Toronto. Aftermath is a post-game show for WWE programming aired on the channel.

Young had been taking classes at the Second City Training Center down the block from the station in 2009 when she was hired to work on the show.

WWE and Weird Broadcaster Auditions

Young is not the only person WWE asked to sell a random product as part of an audition. Long before he was the President of WCW, Eric Bischoff auditioned for WWE once as well. The 83 Weeks host was asked to sell a broom. WWE opted not to hire Bischoff after his audition in 1990.

After 6 years with the company, WWE recently announced Renee Young as the first full-time female broadcaster in the history of Monday Night Raw.