Alberto El Patron Involved In Locker Room Brawl With Ninja Turtle Rafy

The latest drama in the life of Alberto El Patron is some pretty serious business, in the form of a locker room fight that’s led to him being public enemy number one tonight in the lucha libre-oriented circles of social media. The Twitter account of Luchablog was the first English-speaking reporter to cover what happened in a post using the Twitlonger extended tweet service.

Alberto and Paige were at tonight’s IWRG card at Mexico’s Arena Naucalpan, where his brother was wrestling in the main event. In the locker room, Alberto encountered IWRG wrestler Rafy (as in Raphael of the Ninja Turtles, formerly Alan Xtreme). Alberto thought Rafy  either touched him or touched Paige in some form, and they immediately started exchanging punches. It got so wild that they brawled into the hallway adjacent to the fan entrance to the building, with plenty of fans witnessing the fight. It was readily apparent that the much smaller Rafy’s face was badly marked up, though whether Alberto got out unscathed is unknown at this moment.

According to Alfredo Esparza of LuchaWorld, Alan is in “bad shape, but stable condition.” LuchaBlog’s proper blog post covering the fight added the detail that Alberto and Paige were drinking during the card while watching from the owner’s box.

The fight is the talk of “Lucha Facebook” right now. Notably, one screen grab going around Twitter right now (original post here) shows the wrestler better known as AK-47 of the Los Oficiales trio, who has a behind the scenes role in IWRG, threatening legal action while blasting Alberto for “nearly killing” another wrestler:

Update: Ninja Turtle Rafy posted an update on his Facebook page confirming that he and Alberto were involved in a fight, punches were thrown but he’s ok.