Report: Impact Wrestling In Negotiations With AXS TV

Impact Wrestling could find a new home for their weekly show in the United States

Impact Wrestling AXS TV
Impact Wrestling AXS TV

Impact Wrestling could find a new home for their weekly television show in the United States soon. 

Impact Wrestling is negotiating a television deal with AXS TV, according to a Voices of Wrestling report. As of this writing, the deal has not been finalized and thus no official announcement has been made by either side. 

If a deal could be made then Impact would join other wrestling promotions airing on the television network. Currently, AXS is the home of the weekly NJPW television show and the WOW – Women of Wrestling television series.

This news shouldn’t come as a surprise as earlier this year it was reported by PWinsider that Impact Wrestling officials were looking to secure a new TV deal. They’ve had issues with their current network, Pursuit Channel, which has led to them wanting to make a change. 

Incidents such as Pursuit being slow to respond to Impact’s requests, and listing the two-hour show as four separate 30-minute episodes have been part of “the latest in a long line of headaches.” 

Back in January, it was announced that Impact had signed a new television deal with Pursuit Channel to air their show. 

This deal came about once Impact had to find a new home to air their weekly television series after not agreeing to a new deal with Pop TV. Since then, Impact has simulcast its program on both Pursuit as well as Twitch.