Report: ROH Wrestler Leaving Company At The End of 2016

It looks like one of pro wrestling’s most spectacular high flyers is a couple months away from becoming a free agent. PWinsider (NSFW ads) is reporting that ACH will be leaving the company at the end of the year. This appears to stem from his promo a couple weeks ago at an AAW show in the Chicago area, where he cut a post-match promo about how his “wife” doesn’t appreciate  him and he needs to leave her for the girl who always did, with the implication being that the wife was ROH and the other girl was AAW or independent promotions in general.

According to the PWInsider report, this got ACH a bit of heat since he’s under an exclusive ROH deal and needed the office’s permission to work on the AAW show. There was also a belief that ROH may very well have covered his travel to Chicago for the show (ROH was running in the market a few days later), which made matters worse. The two sides met to try to resolve the issues, and it looks like this is how that meeting turned out.

Analysis: This is not the first time there have been stories going around about ACH not being the most professional in his dealings with promotions. If he’s looking to just do indies, he’ll probably do fine, but you have to wonder if WWE will be skeptical of signing him based on how he acted out at the AAW shows.