Report: Television Ratings for Episode 2 of WoS/World of Sport on ITV

WoS/World of Sport held their second episode this weekend on ITV and the ratings for the show appear to have been released.

Last week’s numbers released by an ‘insider’ at the DigitalSpy website were instantly refuted by a production staff member at ITV. These latest numbers for the August 4th episode have again been revealed by a user at the DigitalSpy forum however these do not appear to have yet been disputed.

The numbers are being reported as follows:

  • 17:00 – WOS Wrestling: 609k (6.8%) * tapechecked: 584k (6.6%)
  • ABC1 Adults: 204k (5.6%) 33.5% skew
  • Adults 16-34: 63k (6.0%) 10.3% skew
  • Adults 16-54: 210k (6.6%) 34.5% skew
  • Housewives with Children: 29k (4.1%) 4.8% skew
  • All Housewives: 373k (6.9%) 61.2% skew
  • Men: 262k (6.9%) 43.0% skew
  • Children: 50k (7.4%) 8.2% skew

Whilst the number may appear to be alarming (it could be) there are a number of factors to consider. Television ratings from the ‘overnight’ scale put WoS at around the 600k mark and compared to more established programmes in and around the 5pm time slot it does not skew wildly out. Here’s the ratings from ITV that evening:

  • 16:00 – The Chase: 759k (10.0%)
    * tapechecked: 767k (10.2%)
  • 17:00 – WOS Wrestling: 609k (6.8%)
    * tapechecked: 584k (6.6%)
  • 18:00 – ITV Evening News: 1.64m (16.3%)
  • 18:15 – ITV Regional News: 1.83m (18.0%)
  • 18:30 – Japandemonium: 1.11m (10.1%)

*Courtesy of DigitalSpy

Another factor to consider is the 8pm ratings for the big two television stations in the UK. BBC1 had 1.80m (13.3%) whilst ITV had 1.05m (7.8%). This is potentially a record low in the history of recorded television viewing in the United Kingdom, this is possibly due to the ongoing heatwave in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Again the numbers that are being published as a standalone do look worrying, however factoring in that this is the second episode of a brand new venture for ITV and looking at how the overall landscape of television in the UK had an arguably abysmal night this certainly does not sound the death knell for WoS…but there are improvements to be made.

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