Report: Titus O’Neil’s Explanation For Grabbing Vince On RAW

Titus O’Neil reportedly gave an explanation to WWE management for grabbing Vince McMahon’s arm on RAW that wasn’t good enough to get him out of his suspension.

According to, O’Neil told WWE management that he grabbed Vince’s arm when he was walking to the back so Stephanie could walk in front of him. O’Neil reportedly claimed it was a gesture to indicated “ladies first,” so Stephanie McMahon could exit the stage first, ahead of Vince. O’Neil intended it in a playful manner, but Vince was having none of it and shoved O’Neil away.

O’Neil is currently serving a 60-day suspension for unprofessional conduct. reports that the lengthy suspension is to send a message to the roster to be more professional, as management feels several wrestlers have been “riding the line” when it comes to following company rules.