Returning Superstar Rumored to Feud With Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio

There are reportedly plans being made for Sin Cara once he returns from injury. The Luchador Superstar has been out of action since August with a knee injury. Apparently Sin Cara has returned to the WWE Performance Center this week and has begun training for an in ring return.

The plan according to PWInsider is for Cara to feud with Rey Mysterio at some point in the near future. This will of course take place on the Smackdown Live brand.

There were rumors many years ago of a planned Mysterio vs Sin Cara match to take place at a WrestleMania. This was with the original Sin Cara who worked as Mistico in Mexico as the top star for many years. The original Sin Cara now works as Carístico for CMLL and New Japan Pro Wrestling during their Fantastica Mania tours. The original reported plan was that WWE was attempting to break a record. The company would hand out masks for the crowd to wear and to make it the biggest crowd in history (inside of a dome or Arena) to simultaneously be masked. These plans were quickly scrapped when Sin Cara did not become the ‘replacement’ to Rey Mysterio as WWE had hoped.

WWE has been looking for a Mexican star to essentially take up the mantle of Rey Mysterio for years. This could be WWE’s attempt to re-develop the newer version of Sin Cara, played by Hunico.