Rey Mysterio Celebrates 30 Years In Pro Wrestling

Rey Mysterio reflects on three decades as a pro wrestler

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio

Congratulations are in order for Rey Mysterio, who is celebrating 30 years since his pro wrestling debut. His first match took place in 1989 back when he was just 14 years old.

Mysterio commented on the milestone on Twitter. He wrote, “On this day at the age of 14 I made my debut and it’s a very special day in Mexico ‘Día del niño’ (“Day of the Kid”). If I had the opportunity to re live these 30 yrs I would do it all over again. Thank you to all my fans!! Much love and respect!”

WWE has posted an interview with Mysterio talking about his storied career.

Mysterio said he was actually shocked to learn that today was his 30th anniversary in the business. He keeps various pieces of memorabilia from throughout his career and still has the pay check from his debut match.

Incredibly, the video below includes footage from that match. Rey says he could have never dreamed how his career would unfold. The struggles, the memories, the places he’s traveled and the crowds he’s performed in front have all been part of his journey. He was a fan of WWE as a child. He dreamed of becoming a pro wrestler and never expected to end up in WWE.

Mysterio is humbled that he’s one of the Superstars to have competed in WWE, WCW and ECW. He’s always tried to make the most of opportunities that were presented to him. He owes a lot of his in-ring ability to Konnan, who believed in him and opened doors for him from the beginning.

He does not know how much time he has left in the ring, but he’s humble and blessed that he can continue working at such a high level. He plans to continue wrestling until he can pass the torch to his son, Dominic.

Watch: Rey Mysterio Celebrates The 30th Anniversary of His Debut

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