Rey Mysterio Injured, WWE To Address State Of The United States Championship Next Week on RAW

With Rey Mysterio injured after winning the US Championship, WWE has announced they will address the state of the championship next week on RAW.

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio emerged as the United States Champion during Money In The Bank. He earned a surprisingly quick victory over Samoa Joe. After the match, Joe would ambush and beat down the new champ in front of his son, Dominick.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Mysterio suffered a legitimate injury during his match with Joe. He allegedly separated his shoulder on his way to a win—albeit a controversial one, given that Joe’s shoulder was not on the mat.

This injury was acknowledged by WWE on Monday Night RAW, with the company teasing the future of the United States championship given Rey’s injury.

They highlighted that Rey won the matchup due to a bad call by the official and stated that the WWE Universe can find out what will happen to the state of the championship next week on Monday Night RAW.

“There Will Be Justice”

In an effort to continue incorporating Mysterio’s son into the feud, Samoa Joe has sent out a veiled threat directed at Dominick.

“There will be justice, lest the Son suffer the sins of the Father..”

In a backstage segment, he gave Rey Mysterio an opportunity to “do the right thing and hand me back my United States championship. Rey, I’m giving you the opportunity to lead by example. So be the man that I know you hope Dominick grows to be. Because if you don’t, just imagine the example that I will set for you.”

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