Rey Mysterio Reveals The One Dream Match He Wants To Have Before Retirement

Rey Mysterio
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Rey Mysterio has accomplished a lot of things in the wrestling business but as a father of an aspiring wrestler, he still has one more dream match left, before he calls it a career.

During his recent appearance on Lillian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast, Mysterio talked about a number of things including how he has accomplished a lot more than he ever thought he would.

Talking about his retirement, The Former World Champion said that he is definitely getting close to shutting down and hinted that he could retire within the next two years.

Though before that, Mysterio said that his final dream come true as a father and a wrestler would be to perform with his son in the ring so he can say ‘Ok. Now I’ve done it all. Now, this is it.’

For those who don’t know, Rey’s son Dominic has been training for a wrestling career for a while now and he originally started his training with Jay Lethal

He then moved to Lance Storm’s Wrestling Academy in Calgary and is currently looking to enter the next phase of his training by either joining Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling in Houston or going to Mexico for lucha lessons.

You can check out Rey Mysterio’s full interview at this link.