Rey Mysterio Reveals Which ROH Star Is Training His Son To Wrestle

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio (Photo credit: Sports Illustrated)

Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio was recently a guest on former WWE Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian’s podcast, E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, to talk about several professional wrestling topics. “The Master Of The 619” first revealed that his son, Dominic, is currently in Tampa Bay, Florida training with Ring Of Honor (ROH) star Jay Lethal for his professional wrestling career:

“Yeah, my son, Dominic is training in wrestling and working. He’s up training with Jay Lethal right now.” Mysterio later added, “I’m going to have him train as much as he can in different countries. Right now he’s training with Jay. I want to get him out with Lance in Calgary [Canada]. Is he in Calgary?

“Yeah, uh huh. And eventually, if I can get him to Japan and to Europe. And the final touch would be the Mexican side. That’s when I get ahold of him and we do one-on-ones, so eventually, when it’s time to tap out and hang up the mask, I would love to leave him set, so he can take over the name and the brand and take it to the next level.”

Mysterio is undoubtably one of the greatest Cruiserweights in the history of the business, and inspired a completely new generation talents today. He admitted that he only recently realized the affect he has and on the business:

“Maybe within the last five years,” Mysterio considered. “I want to say, you start getting comments here and there at signings or events where you get local wrestlers coming up to you and they tell you that they’re training, that they’re wrestling, if I have any advice because they were inspired by watching me wrestle and Psicosis, and our generation, so that’s when it kind of hits you not as strong as later down the road when I run into an AJ [Styles], when I do run into a Will Ospreay, when I do run into Amazing Red, Ricochet, who just signed with WWE.

“After being able to wrestle with these guys and them expressing how much of an influence I was to their career, and how without me being in the position that I was throughout the years, that they are now having the opportunities to be able to perform at the level that they always wanted to. That’s when it hits you and you go, ‘wow’. I mean, it was a game-changer, it was a door-opener for all the smaller weight, the guys that at another time thought, ‘oh, I could never be a part of this.’

“And then, seeing me, ‘oh, if he can do it, I can do it!’ So that’s when it really hits and it makes you feel good, man. There’s no better feeling than to know that you’ve given others the opportunity to perform at the highest level possible.”

You can listen to Mysterio’s full interview on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness by clicking this link here.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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