Rey Mysterio Says Leaving WWE Was For The Best

Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio’s first run with WWE lasted 13 years. He left in 2014 and returned to Mexico where he competed for AAA Lucha Libre. Mysterio would also sign with Lucha Underground and compete there during seasons 2 & 3.

According to Mysterio, when he left in 2014, he needed a break.

“Through time as you age, as you get older you live and learn, and in my case being in this industry from almost 30 years, I think the best thing that could have happened to me is almost part ways for four years,” Mysterio said of his time away from the company. “Which is the time I remained away from the WWE. But at the same time, I left on good terms so that this day would eventually happen, a return, and here we are now, almost four years later. I’m more mature, I’m rested, my body and mind are fully rested, I’m healed up. I don’t think I could be living a better moment right now as we speak.”

Rey Mysterio’s 2014 WWE Departure

When he left in 2014, however, things did get contentious. Mysterio appeared on the big screen of a AAA event in Mexico while still under contract with WWE. A #FreeRey campaign was promoted by promotions hoping to bring the famous luchador back to where he started his career.

Here is a Tweet Konnan sent out in the summer of 2014 while WWE still had Mysterio under contract.

Rey made the comments in a video WWE posted today: