Rey Mysterio Shares Thoughts On Retirement, Comments On Son Continuing Tradition

Lance Storm, Rey Mysterio, Dominic
Lance Storm, Rey Mysterio, Dominic

We recently wrote about Rey Mysterio revealing that wrestling his son, Dominic would be a dream match he wants before he retires from in-ring competition.

Speaking with Lilian Garcia on her ‘Chasing Glory’ podcast on the subject of leaving the squared circle, Mysterio shared his thoughts process on retirement, what that might look like, and when he predicts it could happen.

“I’m definitely getting close to shutting down sometimes in the next couple of years,” he admitted, before adding, “I definitely don’t see myself going past five years. That’s without a doubt, you know, and I just wouldn’t wanna do it for the sake of my body and what I’ve gone through.”

“I Don’t Want To Have To Keep Doing This Because I Have To”

Allowing a unique insight into how he views his career at this stage, Mysterio hinted that he felt comfortable if he were to leave because of the decisions he and his wife have made over the years.

“You know I think I’ve done the work at home and I’ve brought the money in and my wife has been very smart to administrate everything at home,” said Rey. “She’s been a wife, a mother, a friend, and she’s been my accountant all these years and my administrator and she’s known how to handle the money and how to invest and how to move it around in the right direction.”

“I don’t want to have to keep doing this because I have to. I wanna keep doing it because I love it and you know I still feel like I have a little bit more to give to the audience.”

A Mysterious Tradition

Another subject discussed was the idea of Dominic continuing the Mysterio tradition, donning a mask when he debuts.

Rey confessed that he doesn’t believe his son will. This would bring an end to the masked tradition within the Mysterio lineage. It is worth noting, however, that Rey recently trademarked the name, Principe Mysterio. Principe translates to Prince, which would be a fitting title for Rey’s son.

“I don’t think he wants to [wear a mask],” Rey said. “He has something special to do with the mask just to represent and to pretty much honor his father,” he added, “but I think since he was known already when doing this as a kid and we post pictures together it is kind of hard.”

Dominic technically made his WWE television debut back in 2005 when he became embroiled in an on-screen battle over who his biological father was, Rey Mysterio or Eddie Guerrero.

He has since been training with Lance Storm in Canada and apparently has plans to move to Houston, Texas to continue his education under Booker T at Booker’s Reality of Wrestling school.