Rhea Ripley Gets Into A War Of Words With WWE Hall Of Famer

In a recent Twitter exchange, current NXT UK Women's Champion, Rhea Ripley, had some harsh words with a WWE Hall Of Famer.

Twitter feuds are nothing new. They can, however, spark between almost anybody, as evidenced in a recent back-and-forth between WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley, and WWE Hall Of Famer, Mick Foley.

Their initial spat began after Mick stated that, although Ripley was a “force” to contend with, she was by no means a Kacy Catanzaro “…and you will NEVER be #TheMan.”

Ripley lashed back at him, saying: “Why would I want to be a fake man when I can be a legit bad ass woman! Mick… I think you should sit down before I make you sit down. Make the smart decision..”

Now Foley, responding to a fan’s question regarding Ripley, has admitted he believes Ripley to be a future WWE champion, but only if she “adjusts her attitude a wee bit.”

In an attempt to smooth out their Twitter dispute, he would follow up with:

“@RheaRipley_WWE – let me put to rest the rumor (started by me an hour ago) that you need to adjust your attitude a wee bit. In truth, I hear AMAZING things about your attitude. I see you as a future @WWE #RAW or #SDLive champion and a MAJOR player for years to come.”

The NXT UK Women’s champion would respond, telling him to “get back in your lane old man.” She then wrote that his “days have passed, I am the now and the future. So you can just sit there in your trackies and your flannel shirts and admire my work.”

Was Rhea’s response a good idea? Is Mick right — does she need to pay her “dues”?