Rhea Ripley Talks Having Triple H As Her Mentor

Rhea Ripley spoke to the Sporting News about what it's like working with Triple H.

Rhea Ripley and Triple H
Rhea Ripley and Triple H

Rhea Ripley’s War Games team overcame a 4-on-2 disadvantage to come out victorious. She’ll face the woman who turned her back on the team, Dakota Kai, tonight in single’s action. The 23-year-old Australian recently took part in an interview with the Sporting News and spoke about a variety of topics including what it’s like to have Triple H as a mentor.

“He’s the guy that got me into wrestling. Watching him was the reason why I wanted to start wrestling let alone watch it. So, to hear him, even my name come out of his mouth is pretty cool,” Ripley said of Triple H during the interview.

Ripley was then asked what it is like to have Triple H around her consistently and being her mentor.

“It’s super, super cool and he’s so smart,” Ripley replied. “He knows so much about the business. I do try to soak up as much as I can and listen to as much as I can, even when he’s not talking to me. It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that he’s there and he has all of our backs. He’s there to help all of us succeed in what we want to do and what we’re doing at the moment. He’s one of our biggest cheerleaders and it’s amazing.”

Rhea Ripley On Recent Positive Feedback

Ripley was also asked about all the positive feedback she has been receiving as of late.

“It makes me feel really special,” Ripley said of the positive feedback. “It’s really, really cool. It’s lovely to see people getting behind me and supporting me in what I love to do. I’m just glad that I can make people proud and make people want to watch this product because wrestling is such a big part of my life and a lot of people’s lives and it gets a lot of crap from people.”

She continued, “I’m out here to prove to people that wrestling is great. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. That’s fair, but you don’t have to talk crap about it because wrestling legit saves so many people’s lives and I’m out here to prove to everyone why it’s amazing again. And I’m glad that people are getting behind it.”

Rhea Ripley goes into detail on a diverse range of topics during the interview. Her full discussion with the Sporting News can be found here.