Ric Flair Goes Jewelry Shopping With Peter Rosenberg (Video)

Ric Flair Peter Rosenberg

If ever there was a pro wrestling bucket list, Rolex shopping with the Ric Flair has to be up there. The legendary Nature Boy appeared on Peter Rosenberg’s Open Late with Peter Rosenberg show on Complex to promote the release of WWE 2K19. The two went jewelry shopping in New York City so Rosenberg could purchase his first Rolex.

Flair and Rosenberg’s jewelry shopping adventure begins around the 11-minute mark of this video:

Ric Flair on “Open Late With Peter Rosenberg”

Flair advised Rosenberg during the trip to be careful not to spend too much money. Rosenberg is married to MLB Network host Alexa Datt and Flair was quick to explain he didn’t want to purchase any jewelry which would cause his wife to worry. He did stress that if Rosenberg wants to be seen as one of the top celebrities in New York, however, he needs some flashy jewelry.

“You are Peter Rosenberg,” Flair said. “You cannot be one of the top 3 or 4 celebrities in New York City and not have a little bling – You want to walk through the door – You want to push it open – You want the sunlight to hit the diamonds – You want someone to turn around. In my case, it would have been a woman years ago. In your case, just your kids and family.”

One thing Flair was adamant about, however, was that purchasing a used Rolex is simply not acceptable.

Episodes of Complex’s “Open Late With Peter Rosenberg” are released through YouTube and on Complex’s website here.

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