Ric Flair On Conversation With Tony Khan About Possibly Joining AEW

Ric Flair opens up on his friendship with Tony Khan

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has opened up on signing a new deal with WWE shortly after making the news known to the public. 

He did so while speaking with Raj Giri. It turns out that he signed the deal last week. While he’s now under a new agreement with the company, he made it known that he’s never gone without getting paid by the company. 

Flair stated that WWE dealing with the coronavirus slowed down the actual official signing. He brought up how everybody went to work on figuring out on their end what to do.

He pointed out how it’s a lot to deal with in wrestling because it’s not a seasonal sport and is year-round. He added that just figuring your way around that has been an act of genius in itself. 

It turns out that despite their friendship, AEW President Tony Khan told him that he wouldn’t even ask Flair to join AEW. 

“Tony [Khan] told me that he wouldn’t even ask me to come to work there because he knows how tight I am with [WWE]. Our friendship is one thing but he respects my loyalty to the company. That’s how much respect [Khan] has for me and my relationship with the company which speaks volumes to what kind of guy Tony is. The same would apply to my daughter and WWE.”

Flair didn’t disclose the length of the deal but noted that he hopes that WWE keeps him around in some capacity for many years.