Ric Flair On Why WWE Is Having Trouble Finding Their Next Top Guy

Ric Flair discusses WWE's troubles in finding 'The Guy'

Ric Flair
Ric Flair

Even though he was one of the most polarizing figures the pro wrestling industry has ever seen, many believe that John Cena was the last undisputed face of WWE. While the company has tried to build Roman Reigns as their top babyface after that, the fans have rejected the Big Dog as ‘the guy’ so far and different people have different opinions on the reason behind it.

During a recent interview with WrestlingInc, Wrestling Legend Ric Flair discussed a number of things, including the current state of WWE Programming and more. While discussing the situation with Roman, Flair claimed that they have some great talent in WWE but they are having a hard time figuring out who ‘the guy’ is because they are receiving mixed emotions from different people:

“I think that Roman was going to be ‘The Guy’ and then, of course, the illness set him back. I think he still can be but it’s hard, they have some great talent [in WWE], great wrestlers, but they’re having some hard time, in my estimation, figuring out who ‘The Guy’ is. And it’s not because they’re not talented. I think they’re just getting crossed, and mixed feelings, and mixed emotions from different people”

Continuing on the topic, Ric claimed that you have to have been a wrestler for a long time to see this. Apart from this, he also talked about the void in WWE programming after WrestleMania due to the absence of Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey after the show and more. You can check out his interview at length at this link.

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