Ric Flair Says Finn Balor Is Too Small To Headline WrestleMania

Ric Flair thinks that Roman Reigns should have beat Finn Balor on RAW, instead of Balor getting the clean victory to advance to SummerSlam against Seth Rollins.

On his latest podcast The Nature Boy explained that while he thinks Balor is a great performer, he’s a bigger fan of Roman Reigns. Flair says that Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler for the World Title will be the bigger match at SummerSlam. He also put over Seth Rollins, saying that he’s like having a second Randy Orton around in terms of skill level.

“I see [Ambrose vs. Ziggler] as being a bigger match than to see Finn Bálor versus Seth Rollins,” Flair said. “I just think Seth has too much experience. And like I said before about Randy, Seth Rollins is the second Randy Orton. He’s that good.”

Flair continued on the subject of Balor, saying that he’s not a “legitimate heavyweight” like Rollins or Reigns.

“I just think you’ve got a legitimate heavyweight in Seth Rollins, a legitimate heavyweight in Roman Reigns, and I don’t think we’ll ever see the day, and I could be totally wrong, that a cruiserweight will ever main event a WrestleMania,” Flair said.

Flair says that in the “total picture” of the pro wrestling business, Balor is a cruiserweight in size. “I don’t think he weighs 200 pounds,” Flair estimated.

You can listen to his entire podcast here.