Ricochet and Lio Rush Involved In Twitter Beef

Lio Rush is no stranger to Twitter. The recent 205 Live signee earned some heat from fans and co-workers last year after Tweeting that Emma was not “ready for Asuka” following her WWE release.

Now it seems Lio Rush is involved in another Twitter-related incident. This time, however, Lio is dealing with someone still on the roster.

The Twitter beef started after Rush posted the below Tweet:

Ricochet then declared shenanigans on the photo, claiming the car was not his.

Moose, from Impact Wrestling, decided to make it an inter-promotional war by pointing out Rush was standing in front of a 2006 Jaguar. Moose will face Eli Drake this week on Impact Wrestling. The winner will face Austin Aries for the title at Slammiversary.

Lio Rush and Ricochet Twitter Beef

Things then started to get personal as Rush took a shot at Ricochet’s in-ring style.

Ricochet then claimed Rush hasn’t been watching NXT. The show has recently featured Ricochet and the Velveteen Dream building to their match at NXT Takeover: Chicago II. While there has been mic work from both, Ricochet has also demonstrated some flips during the feud.

Rush then began to claim Ricochet’s in-ring style will shorten his career. He then said he’ll be going into the Hall of Fame and Ricochet can induct him when the time comes.

Ricochet then disputed Rush’s claims he will be going into the Hall of Fame someday.

Rush then answered back with, “Oh I guess you want me in that parking lot selling them snazzy snaz #Ricochet T-shirts with you right?” Rush Tweeted. “I’m good.”

Ricochet then quipped back, “You can go to @WWEShop and get my shirt, where can you get yours? Oh wait, you don’t have one.”

There has been speculation that Ricochet could be heading to 205 Live after an abbreviated stay in NXT. If that is the case, we could see Lio Rush vs Ricochet sooner rather than later.