Ricochet Discusses Connection With Fans, If Backstage Is Different Under Paul Heyman

Ricochet has discussed his connection with the WWE Universe, as well as the backstage mentality now Paul Heyman is Executive Director of RAW.

Ricochet may have lost his WWE United States Championship to AJ Styles at Sunday’s Extreme Rules event, but that hasn’t affected his popularity amongst the WWE Universe.

Speaking with 969 The Game, Ricochet discussed his move to Orlando, his connection with the fans, and if backstage feels any different now Paul Heyman is Monday Night RAW’s Executive Director.

Addressing his connection with the WWE Universe, Ricochet said that “The very first thing is my in-ring ability that I give to fans. The acrobatics and the style that I have is what catches everyone’s eyes. I’m hoping since people see that I’m just a normal dude, a kid from Kentucky living his dream. I think people can see that and understand that. That helps them connect with me a little bit more. Obviously, at first it’s the visual aspect, but then it’s more…which is awesome.”

“Everyone Has Started To up Our Game”

He confesses that not much has changed backstage since Heyman stepped into his new role, though it’s still early days. That hasn’t stopped himself and other Superstars from pushing themselves, performing to their best ability.

“I feel like all the boys in the locker room, everyone has started to up our game and make the most of what we can get. To do our roles the best we can and make the show the best it can be. Nothing crazy dramatic, but a little bit over time since I’ve been here … slowly we have all tried to do everything we can to the best of our abilities.”

This past Monday night on RAW, Ricochet teamed up with the Usos, defeating The Revival and Robert Roode.

H/T to Wrestlezone for the transcription.