Ricochet Discusses Dating NXT’s Kacy Catanzaro

In a discussion on Lilian Garcia's podcast, Ricochet opened up about his relationship with NXT star, Kacy Catanzaro.

Ricochet Kacy Catanzaro
Ricochet and Kacy Catanzaro

Ricochet has been tearing it up on the main roster ever since moving from the ranks of NXT. Despite this, he has been working extensively. He has appeared on not only RAW and SmackDown, but also NXT shows and their subsequent TakeOver events. 

NXT wasn’t only the place where he began to develop himself as a WWE Superstar—it was also the place he met his girlfriend, Kacy Catanzaro

Speaking with Lilian Garcia on her podcast, Chasing Glory, Ricochet reminisced on his time with the yellow-and-gold brand. He discussed meeting Catanzaro, and how their relationship began.

“She Has This Personality You Can’t Ignore. It’s Awesome”

He divulged that they “actually came in the exact same class and started the same day. She was always so nice and kind, and helpful to everybody in any way that she could be, and that was something that I had always admired about her.”

Ricochet complimented not only Catanzaro’s ability in the ring, but her natural aptitude for it:

“On top of that, as far as the physical part of the wrestling, she got that part so quick and is just so fun to see in the ring. I feel like, not only me, but everyone is drawn to her because she has this personality that you can’t ignore. It’s awesome.”

America Ninja Warrior Fame

It turns out that, despite being related to a WWE Superstar, his family were “giddy” to meet Catanzaro over the Christmas period. He recalls that his brother was incredibly “happy and excited” over meeting her as he “never met anyone famous before.” 

The reason being? 

“My family, even before me and her knew each other they watched America Ninja Warrior for years now so they knew all about her and were really excited to meet her,” Ricochet said.

Kacy Catanzaro made her PPV debut during January’s Royal Rumble event. She would enter the Women’s Royal Rumble matchup at number 19, before being eliminated by NXT UK’s Rhea Ripley. 

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


  1. Shes great and all but she doesn’t have the TV personality…its just a girl version of apollo crews

  2. She’s one hell of a spinner for sure.

    By the way, what race is Ricochet? Just curious if anyone knows.


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