Matt Riddle Comments On Possibly Fighting In UFC Again

Matt Riddle is officially a member of WWE’s roster.

At NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4 over the weekend, it was announced Riddle had signed with WWE. He will join the NXT roster in the coming weeks. Recently, Riddle spoke to Fightful to talk about his journey to WWE.

The indy wrestling star just so happens to be a former UFC fighter. Riddle was extremely promising inside the cage. He racked up a record of 8-3-2. The “2” at the end of his record are for “No Contests.”

Initially Riddle won those fights, however, he tested positive for marijuana and they were overturned. The decision to overturn his victories for marijuana use were extremely controversial. To add insult to injury, he was released from the UFC after his second positive test for marijuana.

He attempted to get back into the cage by signing with Bellator MMA, but a string of injuries kept that from happening. Riddle subsequently retired from mixed martial arts (MMA) competition.

Possibly Fighting In The UFC Again

Soon after, Riddle transitioned into a career as a professional wrestler – now landing himself in WWE. When it comes to fighting, Riddle told Fightful this about possibly fighting in the UFC again:

“I’m shocked UFC hasn’t called me to bring me back. They probably will, and I’ll say ‘this is the saddest day of both of our lives.’ Do they still push numbers? Then again, I have to let someone try to commit extreme violence on my body.

“Or I could win in ten seconds and be a real star, and travel and fight at 2 PM on Sunday afternoons in front of fans that don’t really like me.”

Discussion: Do you think Riddle will ever compete in MMA again? If he did, would it be for the UFC? And how successful do you think he’ll be in WWE?