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Ring Of Honor “Best In The World” PPV Results: June 22, 2014

The following are results of the Ring Of Honor “Best in the World” pay-per-view, which took place in Nashville, Tennessee on Sunday, June 22, 2014. Results are courtesy of Jesse Collings and

Ring of Honor’s first ever PPV opens with a video package talking about tonight’s matches and meshing them with old and new clips from ROH’s history.

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We then go live to Nashville where the show takes place. Corino and Kelly talk about tonight’s main event between Michael Elgin and Adam Cole for Cole’s world title. The opening match will be a six men mayhem match for a future World TV title shot. ACH comes down to the ring first, followed by Takai Wantanabe, who is just going by Wantanabe. Caprice Coleman comes out third, and he is followed by Decade members Tadarius Thomas and BJ Whitmer. Tomaso Ciampa is out last to a big pop. The match will have lucha libre rules, where it will be one on one, but anytime someone gets tossed out of the ring, a new competitor can enter.

Six Man Mayhem Match for Future World TV Championship Spot: BJ Whitmer vs Tomaso Ciampa vs Caprice Coleman vs ACH vs Tadarius Thomas vs Wantanabe

The guys exchange handshakes and ACH and Tomaso Ciampa start things off. Ciampa clamps on a headlock and hits two shoulder tackles. ACH pops up witha tackle of his own. They trade waist locks and pinnning attemps. Ciampa goes for the Sicilian Stretch but ACH squirms out. Wantanabe tags himself in and takes it to ACH. ACH rebounds with a big chop and nails a running dropkick. Coleman comes in for Wantanabe, but Tadarius Thomas tags Coleman. Thomas smacks ACH and him and ACH trade lightning fast moves, but ACH hits a dropkick, knocking Thomas out, and Whitmer comes in.

Whitmer goes to work on ACH hitting some chops. Coleman comes in and hits a big heelkick. Ciampa comes in and hits a German Suplex and does a Cactus Clothesline out of the ring. ACH and Wantanabe go at it, Wantanabe hits a big elbow and a flying clothesline form the second rope for a two count. He stalks ACH, but he gets dumped out of the ring, ACH signals for a dive, but Whitmer comes in and levels ACH with a stiff forearm. He brings ACH into the corner and beats him down. Thomas comes in on a tag and kicks ACH several times and gets a two count. He pushes him into another corner, and Wantanabe tags himself in and aggressively stomps away at ACH. Wantanabe hits a snapmare and locks in a choke behind the referee. Front chancery by Wantanabe and BJ comes in and connects with a snap suplex for a two count.

Whitmer hits a high knee, but ACH connects on a leg-feed thrust kick. ACH tags in Coleman who takes it to The Decade and Wantanabe. Whitmer cuts him off, but Coleman hits a hail-mary rana on Whitmer.and then hits a triple norhtern lights suplex combo on Thomas, bringing Wantanbe on for the last one. Ciampa comes in and hits a lariat on Coleman, and Wantananbe comes in and they trade blows. Ciampa connects on a Beach Break and ACH comes flying, taking out everybody. He runs in and Whitmer hits a powerslam for a two count. Wantanabe breaks it up and him and Whitmer go at it. Whitmer eats a backdrop suplex, and Coleman comes in. Coleman connects on a ace crusher. Ciampa comes in and nails Project Ciampa on Coleman. ACH comes in and he eats a Project Ciampa. Whitmer and Thomas come in and break it up , but soon they are going at it. Wantanabe and Coleman come in and clean up, with Wantanabe getting the better of it.

Ciampa is back and he takes out Wantanabe with a series of huge knee strikes. He then runs over and hits a big plancha on the outside. Coleman is in the ring and he nails a crazy, spaceman, inside out asai moonsault to the outside. ACH comes in and takes everyone out with a step-up flying front senton atomico to the outside. He rolls Thomas back in the ring and hits a 450 splash for the three count

Winner: ACH

After the match Ciampa stares at ACH in the ring, they shake hands, but Ciampa leaves angrily. Whitmer and Corino go at as Whitmer comes by and starts yelling at the commentators.

We get a recap of Matt Taven’s feud with Jay Lethal and Truth Martini. Next up will be Taven vs Lethal for Lethal’s TV title, with Martini handcuffed at ringside.

Taven comes out first and celebrates with some fans before entering the ring. Martini and Lethal come out next, along with Saleeze. They do introductions and Lethal tries to handcuff Martini, who tries to run away. He is extremely nervous and eventually gets handcuffed, as Lethal reassures him.

Television Championship Match: Jay Lethal vs Matt Taven

They lock up and Taven tries to attack Martini, but Lethal stops him and takes him back into the ring. Taven connects on some hard chops and they change holds. Big dropkick by Taven gets him a two count. Taven runs into and elbow, and Lethal knocks him out of the ring. Lethal chops him and brings Taven back in and misses a big diving cross body. Standing moonsault by Taven for a two count. Taven hits an enzughiri, but Lethal hits a kick of his own and knocks him out of the ring. Lethal mounts Taven on the outside and punishes him with right hands.

Lethal and Taven exchange shots, but Lethal gets the better of him and takes him back into the ring. Lethal hits a high elbow and continues to methodically punish Taven. Taven fights out and hits a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Taven tries to go after Martini, but Lethal again cuts him off and continues to slowly beat down Taven. Lethal locks in a sleeper hold, but Taven gets up and they trade blows, eventually with Taven connecting with a kick combination and two lariats. Taven ducks a clothesline and hits a big enzughiri and a rope assisted neckbreaker for a two count.

Taven comes for the Climax, but Lethal rolls him up for a two count. Lethal rolls right into a Lethal Combination and climbs the top rope for a big elbow drop for a two count. Letal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Taven counters with a handspring, enzugiri and then a brainbuster for a near fall. Taven and Lethal tumble to the outside, and LEthal slams Taven into the barricade. Lethal goes back into the ring for a suicide dive, but Taven catches him with a sloppy side kick. Taven climbs into the ring and hits two big suicide dives, and then clears the top rope for a third dive, taking out both Salezea and Lethal. Taven comes over with a steel chair, ready to take out Martini, but Martini hands the security guard some money, and he stops Taven from getting to Martini.

Taven eventually superkicks the security guard, but during the confrontation, Salezia came over and broke the handcuffs and her and Martini ran to the back. Taven goes for a big splash on Lethal who is in the ring, but LEthal got his knees up. Lethal connects with the Lethal Injection and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL Champion: Jay Lethal

We get a video recap of Cedric Alexander’s feud with The Decade. Tonight, it will be a submission match between Alexander and Roderick Strong.

Strong comes out first, with Thomas and Adam Page. Alexander is out next.

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