Ring of Honor TV Report: Young Bucks Fired From the Bullet Club?

A civil war might be brewing within the Bullet Club. Dissension between Adam Cole and Kenny Omega has started to build in NJPW and ROH as of late. The two were shown arguing in the ring together recently after a tag match on NJPW World.

Then the Elite’s YouTube channel (the Elite is Omega and the Young Bucks) posted a fan captured video of Adam Cole attempting to fire the Young Bucks at a recent set of TV tapings.

Adam Cole also sent out an ominous tweet earlier today

This week’s edition of ROH TV began by showing the footage of Adam Cole trying to fire the Young Bucks at the last set of TV tapings. Cole cut a backstage promo afterwards, but he only talked about Kazarian and Christopher Daniels screwing him out of the ROH world title, with no mention of the Young Bucks.

1. Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Ray Rowe

Smith took the offence early, working on the leg of Rowe. He did Bret Hart’s old figure four around the ring post move too. Despite Smith working Rowe’s leg the entire first half of the match, Rowe battled back and hit his “Death Row”, a variation of a GTS, for the win.
Winner: Ray Rowe 

2. ROH Top Prospect Tournament Semi-Final #1
Brian Milonas vs. Josh “the Goods” Woods

They announced Milonas is the largest competitor ever to compete in the tournament. His opponent, Josh Woods, has an MMA gimmick. This match was similar to an old style UFC bout with a jiu-jitsu guy going against a big powerful giant. Milonas hit various slams and power moves while Woods went for submissions. Woods finally grabbed a hold of a leg lock and didn’t let go until Milonas tapped.
Winner: Josh Woods via submission (advances to tournament finals)

  • The Briscoes announced in a backstage promo that they will team with Bully Ray to take on the Kingdom next week with the 6-man tag titles on the line.
3. ROH TV Championship
Kenny King (Rebellion) vs. Marty Scurll (c)

Kazarian was on commentary as he earned a TV title shot against the winner. He won a 6-man match on the same set of TV tapings where he joined the Bullet Club and then swerved them to help Christopher Daniels win the ROH world title. It was an eventful set of tapings for him.
A very technical bout between the two here, with Scurll setting him up for his finish most of the way. Finish of this match was Scurll making King tap to the chickenwing.
Winner: Marty Scurll