Road Dogg Defends Becky Lynch Booking On Twitter

Becky Lynch

Creative head for Smackdown, Road Dogg, decided to spend some time on Twitter debating fans recently. There has been more than a few unhappy Becky Lynch supporters in the WWE Universe as of late. A fan on Twitter criticized the booking of Lynch recently and Road Dogg took the time to respond.

Becky Lynch Booking

Road Dogg’s defense of the booking is that Flair and Lynch each had to overcome the same obstacle to get a title match. It’s the same obstacle R-Truth is currently trying to overcome as well.

Where some are taking issue with Road Dogg’s defense is that Lynch had already earned a single’s match for the title and then had it taken away. This creates sympathy for the character who had earned something only to lose it through no fault of their own. Unless you consider a triple threat match as an equal opportunity to a single’s match for the title but some Scott Steiner match should be able to show why that doesn’t make sense.

The other issue with the booking is how Lynch was scripted to turn on the fans Tuesday night. Her character, instead of reveling in the support she received from the crowd as a normal person would do, turned on the crowd and said they had not been supporting her prior to Summerslam.

WWE Hall of Famer, Bully/Bubba Ray Dudley has been following this issue closely. He Tweeted out the following on Tuesday night: