Rob Van Dam Addresses His Pro Wrestling Future

Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam

Former WWE/TNA/ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam to talk about a wide range of topics to promote his new documentary ‘Headstrong.’

At his advancing age and for his mind, RVD has decided to work a selective number of dates on the independent scene. It appears that he’s just enjoying his life after putting together a successful career.

In this interview, RVD talked about his status as a pro wrestler and future in the wrestling business. This is where he made it known that he considers himself semi-retired.

“I consider myself semi-retired. The last three years I’ve had about 10-12 matches a year, most of them overseas, and I’m really not looking to do more than that. But good business is good business, if somebody talks.. I can’t see myself going back to full-time, that’s really not a possibility, not the way full-time was defined in the past anyway.”

RVD to make his return to Impact Wrestling alongside longtime friend Sabu as they’ll team up to face Pentagon Jr. and Fenix at the “United We Stand” event on April 4th during WrestleMania weekend from the Rahway Recreation Center in Rahway, New Jersey

“Yeah I got this Impact match coming up, I’m looking forward to tagging with Sabu , it’s been a long time since we’ve tagged, so I’m looking forward to that because he’s my mentor. He brought me into the business, he was the first guy I was the ring with, he helped train me, not counting Ted DiBiase when I kissed his foot.”