Rob Van Dam Discusses Concussions, His New Documentary

Rob Van Dam talked a documentary on his recovery from a concussion on the latest episode of the Jim Ross Report.

Rob Van Dam
Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam is a busy man. With a documentary dropping on February 19, and ahead of his return to wrestling on an international platform, Rob Van Dam appeared on The Jim Ross Report and revealed the serious nature of his last concussion.

Headstrong Documentary

Van Dam says that the documentary was originally going to be about his on-again, off-again stand-up comedy tour, and his experiences on the road in a new medium.
All that changed, when as filming began, Van Dam began to experience double vision.

“I showed up for the beginning of the tour with symptoms still from a match I had a couple nights before,” said Van Dam. “I had gotten a bit of a concussion, and unlike the hundreds of other concussions that I’ve had, the symptoms didn’t go away right away.”

Rob said that he had no plans to take the film in a direction that would document his recovery from a concussion, but that’s exactly what ended up happening.

“I kept saying ‘I’ll be fine tomorrow, wake up and be 100 percent’, and we’ll just move on and forget about it. But after a couple days, I realized that wasn’t necessarily going to be what was happening,” Van Dam says.

“It became something much bigger than I anticipated. It became so big that the movie ends up following my concussion outside of the tour.”

That is not to say that the film ends up all doom and gloom, as Van Dam is quick to point out that the story takes an uplifting turn as he meets a host of wrestling veterans that appear in the documentary.

The film’s story also documents Van Dam’s very happy relationship with girlfriend Katie Forbes.

The documentary is called Headstrong, and it will be available on iTunes, Google Play, and VUDU platforms on Tuesday, February 19.

You can hear RVD’s discussion with JR below.