Robbie Eagles Talks Joining Bullet Club & Super Junior Tag League

Robbie Eagles Bullet Club
Robbie Eagles Bullet Club

Amidst the chaos surrounding Bullet Club these last few months, Robbie Eagles joined the faction as Taiji Ishimori’s partner in the Super Junior Tag League. The 28-year-old made a name for himself in Australia’s Melbourne City Wrestling and PWG before joining NJPW earlier this year.

He recently took part in an interview with and spoke about his early training.

Robbie Eagles On Early Career and Joining NJPW

“I’ve been trained in Lucha Libre, and I think with my name, you get the image of a high flier. I pride myself on my submissions though,” Eagles said. “Even early in my career people talked about me as a strategic wrestler. They called me ‘the Tactician’.”

“Choosing a body part, the head, the arm, the leg, targeting that, picking it apart. Then in the end, going completely against what my opponent is expecting to get the win. That’s my style, basically. I really felt I wanted to use that to prove myself on the world stage.”

Eagles participated in a 3-way match with Cody and Will Ospreay when NJPW visited Australia in February. Eagles talked about how important a match that was for him in his career.

“It was a big chance for me, and a big challenge. Especially the three-way, when I was in there on my own with people of the caliber of Cody and Ospreay, I really felt I had to represent Australian pro wrestling in general. I think those matches are a big reason why I’m able to compete in New Japan today.”

The full interview can be read here.