Rocky Romero: Fans Turning To NJPW Because WWE Doesn’t Listen To Them

Eight-time IWJP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion Rocky Romero discussed the current state of wrestling and its boom, why the NJPW is gaining momentum, and whether the golden age of wrestling has begun while speaking to Fansided.

Romero thinks that the current era of professional wrestling is just the beginning and the true golden era is yet to arrive.

“I think we’re in the most interesting era of professional wrestling where every company big or small can make their own impact and every wrestler has more options than ever before. I think we are just seeing the beginning of it and the golden [era] is still to come.”

Romero also believes that the reason behind the current wrestling boom is the inability of WWE to deliver a quality product. More people are turning to alternative promotions, including NJPW, because WWE are unable to give what fans actually want.

“As the world gets smaller through social media, YouTube, etc. people can pick and choose the types of professional wrestling they want to watch, and the biggest producer of professional wrestling isn’t giving a lot of fans what they want. So, fans have a choice and that’s why you’re seeing a NJPW boom and an overall wrestling boom. The professional wrestlers are the best they have ever been in any era and that helps.”

Romero also stated that he would like to see NJPW’s international audience to triple, and become a household name in the United States. “In Japan I would like to see our audience double and internationally I would like to see our audience triple. Especially in the United States, I would love to see NJPW be a household name in professional wrestling.”