ROH Blocks Kelly Klein On Twitter

Kelly Klein noted on social media that the ROH Twitter account has blocked her.

Kelly Klein
Kelly Klein

Ring of Honor has blocked 3x Women of Honor champion Kelly Klein on Twitter. The promotion’s social media activity is the latest in the ongoing saga between Klein, Joey Mercury, BJ Whitmer and ROH.

Klein noted she had been blocked by ROH on Twitter:

Kelly Klein, BJ Whitmer, and Joey Mercury Voice Concerns With Ring of Honor

Former ROH employee, Joey Mercury, began speaking out about issues he faced in ROH a month ago. BJ Whitmer, who works backstage for AEW after leaving ROH earlier this year and is married to Klein, also took to Twitter to voice his support for Mercury’s statements.

“I’m scared I will get in trouble for saying something in public about it.
But the reports I’ve seen are wrong.
He is the best coach I ever had. I partly stayed there so I could keep learning from him. He looked out for us and he tried to make it better,” Klein posted on Twitter.

Women of Honor World Championship

  1. Kelly Klein (3x champion) 281 days spent as champion.
  2. Sumie Sakai (1x champion) 251 days spent as champion.
  3. Mayu Iwatani (1x champion) 55 days spent as champion.
  4. Angelina Love (1x champion) 15 days spent as champion.