ROH COO Joe Koff Details How ROH Will Handle Talent During Coronavirus Pandemic

Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff has shared how the company intends to handle their talent during the current coronavirus pandemic.

ROH COO Joe Koff

Ring of Honor (ROH) COO Joe Koff has addressed how the promotion intends to look after its talents during the current coronavirus pandemic. He explained how ROH won’t be stopping their talent from taking independent bookings and that the process to do so remains the same. Joining The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Koff noted how ROH always wants to take care of its staff and wrestlers. 

“We always take care of our people. Should they be taking indie dates? They should be clearing that just as they would under normal circumstances. But who’s running? Are there promotions still running,” Joe Koff asked.

“That would be draconian but maybe that’s what’s necessary,” Koff said, referring to a potential lockdown forcing people indoors. “I would hope that in the spirit of humanity and social responsibility, but we’ll face that as it comes up. With certainly our contracted talent, we would have to know that anyway so we would find out. But [our talent taking indie bookings] has not been broached.”

Joe Koff On Sinclair’s Support

Joe Koff shared how ROH’s parent company, Sinclair, has allowed them to continue operating as usual so far. They are following all guidelines as needed, noting how “We’re taking the guidelines from the company in a corporate standpoint in all of the individual operations. The company is fantastic and have been nothing but supportive.”

COVID-19 has impacted several industries worldwide, including pro wrestling. Like other promotions including New Japan Pro-Wrestling, ROH has cancelled their events due to coronavirus concerns. They won’t be running any shows through to May 31.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.