ROH Parent Company CEO Wants Promotion To Be Seen In Same Light As WWE

Sinclair Broadcast Group President and CEO, Christopher Ripley, made some headlines during its third-quarter earnings that was held for a stockholders call on Wednesday where he talked about the business including ROH (Ring of Honor).

He was asked by one caller about if things are working out based on their initial expectations. This is when he brought up the promotion selling out Madison Square Garden for a co-promotional event with NJPW during WrestleMania weekend next April.

He called ROH “an unpolished gem that ultimately should be something in the same light as WWE.” He noted that they know the brand has potential but has yet to found the right dials to turn yet. However, they plan to keep increasing the grassroots support on it and it has a loyal fanbase. He thinks that factor is something “you really need to explode a brand.”

Ripley brought up having to be smart about investments on the syndicated side as they use their leverage to not only reduce costs there but also to get equity positions in various positions. Ripley would continue by stating that they think the company is in varying stages of development but insisted that they always had a good return on everything they’ve done.