ROH Report: Cody vs. Frankie Kazarian

Ring of Honor this week was the first new episode since the “War of the Worlds” PPV. On that night, Kenny Omega fired Adam Cole from Bullet Club and announced their newest member, Marty Scurll.

airdate: May 29th 2017(on Fite App)
Philadelphia, PA

Bullet Club Segment

The show opened up this week with Hangman Page and the Young Bucks introducing the newest member of Bullet Club, Marty Scurrl. Marty cut a promo saying he was going to throw a “tea party with Marty” but is interrupted by Adam Cole.

Cole said that Bullet Club firing him was the worst mistake they will ever make. Hangman Page then challenged Cole to a match, which is later made official for next week.

1. Josh Woods vs. David Starr

David Starr got a hometown reaction from the Philly crowd, but it didn’t help him any. This was Woods’ first match since winning the 2017 prospects tournament. He works an MMA gimmick and took most of the offence in this match.

Woods wins with a rolling knee-bar for a submission.

Winner: Josh Woods via submission

  • Adam Cole vs Hangman Page is made official as next week’s main event.
  • Before the 2nd match, Silas Young cut a promo on Jay Lethal. Silas doesn’t like it that Lethal gets all the commercials in ROH, and all the opportunities. He says he doesn’t get what is so great about Jay Lethal. Silas reminds everyone that he beat Jay Lethal in singles competition last time they met. Last week, Silas was shown jumping Lethal in the locker-room after learning he had been given another commercial.
  • This brings out Jay Lethal, who wants a match with him. Silas told Lethal he would face the Bruiser instead.

2. Jay Lethal vs. the Beer City Bruiser

The match started off as a brawl, as Silas joined the commentary team. Lethal gained the advantage on the outside as the show went to commercial. After the break, the match was back inside where Lethal once again got the advantage. He looked to go for his flying elbow, but Bruiser rolled out of the ring.

Lethal hit a flying cross body on Bruiser on the outside, then turned his sights to Silas, who was seated at the commentary table. Lethal started throwing punches at Silas and the match was called off.

Silas and Bruiser started to double-team Lethal, but Bobby Fish made the save. Fish and Silas have a long-standing rivalry., so that is probably setting up a tag-team match somewhere down the line.

Result: No Contest. 

3. Cody (Bullet Club) vs. Frankie Kazarian 

Before the match Cody cut a promo saying he should be ROH Champion. His reasoning is that in the main event at War of the Worlds, he had Lethal in a figure-four when Daniels pinned Lethal. Cody claims that since he had the figure-four on the pinned opponent that he should be the winner, not Daniels. So this could mean we get Cody vs Daniels for the title next.

The match was very even, with each guy hitting a few of their signature moves. Cody hit a disaster kick and an Alabama slam. Kazarian hit a spring-board cutter, and a flying moonsault to the outside in the opening moments of the match.

In the final moments, Kazarian countered the Cross Rhodes twice, but Cody’s third attempt was successful, scoring him the win.

Winner: Cody