ROH Reveals First Competitors In Pure And Women’s Championship Tournaments

Ring of Honor has revealed the first competitors for both the Pure Title Tournament and ROH Women's Championship tournament.

Ring of Honor
Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor (ROH) has revealed the first participants to take part in their recently announced tournaments for the ROH Pure Championship and ROH Women’s Championship. The Pure Championship tournament will consist of 16 wrestlers, two of whom will be Jonathan Gresham and former Pure champion Doug Williams.

Pure Championship

The Pure Title Tournament begins at ROH Pure Excellence Night One, which takes place in Columbus, Ohio on Friday, April 10th. The tournament continues on Night Two on April 11th in Pittsburgh. The quarterfinals are set for ROH Battlestarr 2020 in New York City on Thursday, April 23rd. At the time of writing, there is no further information on when the semifinals and finals will go down.

The Pure championship was retired back in 2006 after its debut in 2004. For those unfamiliar, Pure Rules matches allow close-first punches. Wrestlers are allowed three rope breaks to force a break to a submission hold or pinfall attempt. Once a wrestler has used their three breaks, however, pinfalls and submissions on or under the ropes are legal.

ROH Women’s Championship Tournament

Regarding the ROH Women’s Championship, both Kellyanne and Sumie Sakai will be participating. Like the Pure tournament, the Women’s Championship is a 16-woman bracket. Eight first-round matches will take place on Friday, April 24th at the upcoming ROH Quest for Gold event at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.