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ROH TV Recap – Episode 236

Recap of Ring of Honor TV for the week of March 27, 2016

Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3 introduce the show from Sam’s Town Live, Las Vegas Nevada. Tonight we kick things off with a four corner survival match.

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Roderick Strong vs. Adam Page vs. Moose vs. Matt Sydal

Out first is former ROH World Television Champion, Roderick Strong, who lost his belt to Tomohiro Ishii at Honor Rising. The lights go out, the Clockwork Purple video entrance plays, and Adam Page poses on the ramp. Next the ‘Moose Nation’ music hits and Moose walks to the ring, led by Stokely Hathaway. Competitor number four is “Reborn” Matt Sydal, wearing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship he won with his partner Ricochet from The Young Bucks at The New Beginning in Osaka. Adam Page refuses the code of honor, and we’re underway.

Sydal and Strong start off, arm rake, reversal, headscissors takeover, headlock, Sydal throws Strong off the rope, Strong knocks Sydal down, ducks under, leapfrog, ducks under, spinning side kick. Sydal gets in a kick, another kick, Irish whip to the corner, but meets an elbow, and then Strong catches Sydal with a backbreaker, cover 1-2, Sydal kicks out. Strong flips Sydal over his shoulder and Page tags himself in, slam to the corner, leapfrog, Page gets in a boot, and then a dropkick. Page pushes Strong to the other corner, and then rakes a forearm across the face and nose. Page looks for a suplex, but Strong reverses, flops Page across the ropes, dumping him to the outside. By the rules of a four corner survival match, Moose is able to declare himself legal with Page now on the outside. Moose is in the ring and wants some action punching and chopping with his orange and white football gloves, and then Moose with a sit-down powerbomb on Strong, pin attempt, but Page in to break it up. Moose dropkicks Page with his orange and white, size 16, boots. Sydal back in the ring hits the ropes, headscissors, spins around Moose, and then an ugly drop thigh hold and Moose. Sydal goes flying to the outside, Moose catches him and delivers a powerbomb on the apron, Strong comes through with a baseball slide taking Moose out, and then Page hits a running shooting star press on Strong. Page throws Strong back into the ring and we go to commercial.

After the break, Page and Strong in the ring, Page delivering chops and then a running dropkick in the corner. Pin attempt 1-2, but Strong kicks out. Page picks up Strong on his shoulders, Strong grabs the rope and makes it to the apron, Moose climbs the apron trying to get back in the ring, but receives a kick and then a side slam across the apron. Back in the ring, Sydal and Page do a roll up, bridge, and kickout. Moose comes in with the “Moose punches” until he gets caught by Strong. Moose comes back with a forearm to Strong, now to Page, then running forearms in each corner that turns Page inside out. Moose sits Page up on the top rope, then sits Sydal on the top rope, and delivers a standing dropkick to both of them, knocking them to the outside. Strong comes back and delivers a kick to Moose, and now sets Moose up on the top rope. Sydal runs in does a springboard off the rope into a hurricanrana, flipping Moose to the mat. Strong picks Moose up on his shoulders, delivers to go-to-sleep, then Page flips over the rope and delivers a running clothesline and DDT on Strong. Sydal in, catches Page by the boot, then gets a boot of his own.

But all of the sudden, running down the ramp is BJ Whitmer, who grabs the leg of Page. Page gets back in the ring and gets a kick from Sydal. Sydal hits an enziguri on Strong, jumping knee to Page, Sydal climbs to the top rope, and hits a shooting star press on Page, Strong breaks up the pin attempt. Strong hits a vertical back breaker that flips Sydal inside out, and then Strong connects with a running knee that knocks Page out, 1-2-3. Strong wins.

Winner: Roderick Strong

After the break, Adam Cole’s “Something for you” music hits, he walks to the ring, stands on the apron, and points at the high hair bun on his head. Cole takes the mic, “Are you ready for story time with Adam Cole, bay bay? I’m assuming that a lot of you expect me to come out here and talk about this downward spiral I was on, losing to Matt Sydal on world television, losing in the main event at ROH’s 14th Anniversary, dropping the ball and not getting the job done. I confidently stand here before you, the best pro wrestler on the planet. The reason being, there’s not a man in that locker room or anybody watching Ring of Honor around the world that can deny I am the undefeated Ring of Honor Champion. A guy like Kyle O’Reilly should not even have been in my rematch. I beat Kyle O’Riley at Final Battle and I will continue to beat Kyle O’Reilly. Sad news everybody, Kyle O’Reilly will never be Ring of Honor Champion. That’s a promise I will keep, another promise I will keep is that I will be the man who dethroned Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship. His days are numbered, it’s done it’s finished, in a one-on-one situation with Adam Cole, bay bay, he don’t stand a chance. Jay Lethal always has the House of Truth watching his back, O’Reilly has Bobby Fish over his shoulder. Me? I have my Kingdom. With or without my Kingdom, I can promise you, one day, very, very soon, this face is your next ROH World Champion.”

The Kingdom’s music hits and it’s the surprising return of Matt Taven. Taven hobbles to the ring on a crutch, microphone in pocket. Cole helps him through the ropes and they hug. Taven speaks, “For the first time in 2016, The Kingdom is back on Ring of Honor television. We are going to pick up right where we left off in 2015, dominating professional wrestling. Not just here in ROH, not just in Japan, but all around the world, exceeding more than we ever have in our careers. Everyone except for you.” Taven turns and looks at Cole.

Kelly and MW3 are in shock, “What? What in the world!” Cole ask, “Matt, what are you talking about?” Taven interrupts, “No no no, you had two chances to win the ROH World Title and what did you do? You blew them both. And to think, I joined the Kingdom because I thought Adam Cole… he’s a big star, Adam Cole…I should attach my name to you, it’ll boost my stock. But what are you doing? You got hurt and I had to keep you relevant. Adam, you’re not better than me. And the only real star of The Kingdom was me.”

Cole on the mic, “You have a lot of nerve to be saying…” Taven interrupts, “I have a lot of nerve? I have a lot of nerve? The last time we were in this room together, you said that I dropped the ball. I blew my knee out a minute into Final Battle and continued wrestling for another 10-12 minutes. It probably cost me another 6 months of my career. But the thing is Adam, the thing is, this is the end. I don’t want to hear it. Adam, what I hear from you, you think things are finished, but they have only just begun. The Kingdom will be rebuilt in my image, and the only thing finished with The Kingdom is you.” Taven drops the mic and walks out of the ring. Kelly wonders “What will Adam Cole do now?” and we go to commercial break.

Backstage promo by Dalton Castle on Silas Young, “Rules. I’ve never been a big fan of the rules. Signs that tell me how fast I can go, restaurants that tell me what to wear. I’m a clothing-optional man! So I can relax, because Silas agreed to a fight without honor, for you will no longer be protected by rules.”

After the break, the announcers continue to talk about the Cole/Taven split.

Cheeseburger vs. Foxx Vinyer

Cheeseburger music hits and he comes out posing with the Shotei palm strike. In the ring already is Foxx Vinyer. Foxx has blue and white face paint, is wearing a black singlet with blue splotches and a blue wolf, he has on leg tassels, his head is half shaven, and a patch of hair is hanging off the side of his head. He offers to shake CHZB hand and then he smashes him over the head. Cheeseburger fights back with chops, then palm strikes to the chest, then a Mongolian chop. MW3 says, “He’s learning!” Then a boot to the midsection, Cheeseburger hits the ropes, but Foxx slams him to the mat, and hooks the leg 1-2, but CHZB kicks out. MW3 says, “Foxx looks like the love child of The Missing Link!” Foxx runs to the corner, Cheeseburger gets out of the way, climbs to the top rope, knee to the head. CHZB sets up for the Shotei palm strike, a move taught to him by Jushin Thunder Liger, and the fan start clapping. However, running down the ramp is the All Night Express. They beat up Foxx, throw him to the outside, pick him up together, and backdrop him into the apron.

Winner: No contest

ANX goes over to the announce table, grabs some microphones, point at Cheeseburger and climb into the ring. Titus is first on the mic, “Whoa whoa whoa, be easy cheesy. Put away the Shotei. We’re not here to do that to you, because we like you Burger. You’re like one of us, you are not like one of them.” King cuts in, “Juicy Burger, even though they cheer for you and chant ‘Cheeseburger!’ for you, they don’t like you. You’re out here risking your life, breaking your back, while they’re sitting in their seats and thinking ‘I could beat up Cheeseburger. That boy better eat a cheeseburger.’ They don’t put their bodies at risk like you do, like we do. They don’t know what it’s like going through a table. At the ROH 14th Anniversary show, my daughter sat in the first row and watched as my spine got bent over a ladder. I could see her tears in her eyes, but I can’t walk over to her, because my damn legs are numb. They don’t care about you Burger. Simple fact is, Cheeseburger, you got more heart in this little, teeny, tiny, minuscule, spaghetti string bicep than the most of you got your whole damn body. When we were the World Tag Team Champions, you loved us, you threw streamers for us, you popped champagne with us. And now we’re back, and damn well know we’re better than everybody. We’re Rhett Titus and Kenny King, the best damn tag team in the world.”

Titus says, “Now we’re going to do a segment called, ‘Wrestlers read mean tweets.” ‘All Night Express came out, and it was a mass exodus to the bathroom.’” Kenny points someone in the crowd, “You were probably the one who said that.” Titus continues, “We also got this one, ‘The All Night Express always remind me of a terrible overrated tag team.’” Titus points at someone in the crowd, “Was that you boy?”  King address CHZB, “Cheeseburger, we’re the same dudes, we haven’t changed. I’m still carrying on as the Emperor of the City.” Fans boo. King responds, “How dare you treat me like that?” Titus says “You should have been throwing rose petals at his feet, when he walked into the building, that’s right!”

King continues, “Titus has got, and you might not be able to see this because he’s wearing the All Night Express t-shirt, available only at, but Titus has got abs! Which now you ARE going to see, cuz he’s taking his damn shirt off. He’s got shoulders, he’s got eyes that hypnotize. Titus woah, don’t take your pants off in here! We’re still the same. But no, you’d rather cheer for spot monkeys with tassels on their legs like the Young Bucks. You’d rather cheer for those damn farmer rednecks the Briscoe Boys. You all look like you smell just like those bearded stinky chumps War Machine. Y’all even like Cheeseburger more than us.” Fans chant “Cheeseburger!” King says, “And that kind of means that you’re like us, but you’re also kinda like them. You’re smart dude, you know our catch phrase, read it on the back of the shirt, ‘If you ain’t runnin with us, you better run from us.’ And your ass ain’t running with us.” King turns around and decks CHZB, Titus joins in with stomps.

Kelly says, ‘You ran away from this company when you were the champ! And it’s not the fans fault, you can’t beat War Machine!” They go to leave, but come back in, pick CHZB up again, throws him in the air, and King nails a sidewalk spinning backbreaker. Titus connects off the top rope and Cheeseburger is not moving. War Machine runs to the ring, the Briscoes run to the ring, ANX to the outside. King says “There’s your damn heroes, look at this.” All 4 men stand in the ring yelling at ANX as ANX walks up the ramp. The Briscoes pick up War Machine’s ROH Tag Team belts and stand there looking at them. War Machine slowly turn, grab their belts back, and both teams exchange shots as we cut to commercial.

A rerun of the same promo from last week is shown, in which Jay Lethal and Truth talk about Hirooki Goto.

Hirooki Goto vs Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship

After the commercial, it is main event time! Goto’s image appears on the screen. Kelly tell us, “Opportunities at the IWGP Championship have slipped through his fingers, leaving Goto to wonder which way he should go, what path he should take with his career.” MW3 says, “I don’t always agree, I don’t like the things he says or does, but when truth Martini does Jay Lethal is the greatest, there is no denying it. He’s the champion for a reason.” Jay Lethal hits the apron, poses with the belt, and streamers litter the ring. We go to Bobby Cruise for the introductions. “This is your main event, scheduled for one fall, for the ROH World Championship. Introducing first, the challenger out of Kuwana, Mei, Japan, Hirooki Goto. Accompanied by Truth Martini & Taeler Hendrix, wrestling out of Elizabeth, New Jersey, weighing 230 pounds, he’s the greatest first generation wrestler, Jay Lethal.” And we go to commercial.

When we return from break, the bell rings, and we’re off. Lethal grabs Goto and sends him to the corner, delivers stomps to the midsection, throws Goto off the ropes, Goto ducks a clothesline and then hits a shoulder block. Goto throws Lethal, reversal, armdrag, reversal, Lethal goes down. Goto kick, chop to the back, and then flips Lethal over, hooks the leg, cover 1, kickout. Kelly tells us, “Goto is attempting to become the second Japanese-born ROH champion (Takeshi Morishima). In the coming weeks, we will see Kenny Omega vs. ACH, plus the YB and reDRagon will be in action.” Goto is in full control, drops a forearm, Irish whip, but then runs into a boot by Lethal, and clothesline. Taeler Hendrix is on the outside, cheering on Lethal in her low-cut dress. Goto sets Lethal up on the turnbuckle, delivers three forearms, climbs to the top rope, but Hendrix climbs up on the apron. As Goto is distracted, Lethal slides underneath, drops Goto’s head to the turnbuckle, and then throws him to the outside. Lethal with a suicide dive through the middle rope, knocks Goto onto the ramp. Truth enters the ring, Hendrix poses on the apron, and Truth does a Truth-a-rooni. Lethal slides back into the ring to break the count, then goes back to the outside to get Goto, and throws him in the ring. Lethal covers Goto with a lax pin attempt without hooking the leg, and Goto kicks out. Lethal sends Goto to the corner and delivers about 10 stomps. Lethal goes back to the middle of the ring and poses for the crowd. Lethal picks up Goto, snapmare takeover, Lethal hooks in a headlock, and we cut to commercial.

We are back, Jay Lethal in control. Lethal delivering forearms to Goto’s head, until Goto stands up and gestures “Hit me again!” Chop chop, Lethal runs the ropes, Goto runs the ropes, and turns Lethal inside out with a clothesline. Goto delivers forearm, forearm, forearm, Irish whip to the corner, and then a spinning heel kick in the corner. Goto goes for the Saito suplex, Lethal fights out, goes for Lethal Injection, Goto fights out and hits a suplex, cover, 1-2, Lethal kicks out. Goto picks Lethal up on the shoulders, Lethal fights out, nails a big forearm, but Goto returns with a headbutt that knocks Lethal out cold. Lethal is dead on his feet. Goto picks him up on his shoulders, delivers an AA-style backbreaker on the knee, but Lethal somehow kicks out again. Hendrix reaches into the ring and grabs for Goto’s leg, but Goto turns around and steps on her hand. Lethal throws Goto into the ropes, Truth goes to smash him with the Book of Truth, but Goto stops him, stands up and turns around, but it met by a dropkick by Lethal, handstand DDT Lethal Injection, 1-2-3.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: Jay Lethal.

As the HoT poses in the ring, a returning Donovan Dijak runs down the ramp. He gets into the ring and exchanges forearms with Lethal, as the bell rings calling for the extracurricular action to stop. Lethal runs the ropes, but Dijack clotheslines him to the outside. Truth climbs in the ring and slams the Book of Truth across Dijack’s back. Dijack smiles, laughs and does the slow turn, as Truth apologizes and begs for his life. As Truth is backing up, he runs into Prince Nana, Truth turns back around around, and catches a big boot to the jaw from Dijack. The fans chant “You just killed him.” Dijack stands tall as the announcers say, “We have to get some help for Truth.”

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