Friday, August 7, 2020

ROH TV Recap – Episode 237

Highlights from last week are shown when Donovan Dijak made his surprise return to confront Jay Lethal and the House of Truth. Lethal cuts a backstage promo, “Tempers are high and emotions are out of control, and I’m going to try to keep it together, because my best friend is in the hospital right now. Donovan Dijak congratulations, I don’t know what your goal was, were successful in getting my attention. The World Heavyweight Champion is speaking to you. Was this your sad, pathetic attempt to get a shot? Well, it didn’t work, because you don’t deserve it. Last year, when you won the top prospect tournament, it was Truth’s idea to bring you in, shape you, groom you. We tried his way, now we’re going to try mine. You don’t deserve to be here in Ring of Honor, you don’t deserve the friendship that was shown to you by the House of Truth. Be sure to tell Prince Nana that Jay Lethal is coming and, I’ll tell you what, you ain’t going to survive this one.”

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Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling 3 welcome us to Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, Nevada.

reDRagon vs Kazuchika Okada and Gedo

reDRagon is out first to their entrance music, “Dance Away” by the Damn Valentines (who sound a lot like The Misfits). The Rainmaker is out next to much fanfare, followed behind by his partner Gedo. The fans throw gold Okada dollar bills at the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. (Interestingly enough, total combined weights of Okada & Gedo are announced at 406 vs reDragon at 421, but the tale-of-the-tape graphic has them listed at 426 vs. 427.) Okada and Gedo refuse the code of honor, legendary referee Tiger Hattori signals the match to start, the bell rings, and we’re off.

Gedo and Bobby Fish start it off, each men take pause to groom their facial hair. Gedo rakes the arm, takes Fish to the mat with a headlock, Fish tries to roll out, throws Gedo off the ropes, leapfrog, armdrag attempt, blocked, kick to the head, Gedo gets caught with knee lock, but Gedo reaches the ropes, and we get a clean break. Kelly comments on the good sportsmanship shown by Fish. Fish asks Gedo if he wants to tag in Okada, Gedo looks confused. Fish lays flat on his back, then beefcake poses, and welcomes in Okada. When Okada comes in, Fish tags in O’Reilly.

Collar-and-elbow lock up between O’Reilly and Okada. Kelly and MW3 talk about the recent flare up to O’Reilly’s cauliflowered right ear. He’s had it drained several times since Adam Cole irritated it at the ROH 14th Anniversary show. Okada backs O’Reilly into the ropes, the referee calls for the break, Okada fakes a cheap shot, then pats him on the chest. O’Reilly rolls his eyes. Another lock up, Okada hits the ropes, shoulder block to O’Reilly, O’Reilly ducks, leapfrogs, ducks, leapfrogs, then catches himself on the ropes. O’Reilly knocks Okada to the mat, runs up his back, throws him off the ropes, sunset flip, but O’Reilly gets in a cross armbreaker. Gedo comes in and punches O’Reilly in his ear. Okada tags in and continues to work on O’Reilly’s ear. Okada kicks him in the gut, picks him up, slams him down, goes to the outside, and flips over the top rope for a senton. Okada covers but O’Reilly kicks out at 2, and we go to commercial.

After the break, O’Reilly and Gedo exchange blows until Gedo grabs O’Reilly’s cauliflower ear again. Okada comes in and knocks Fish off the apron, O’Reilly ducks a double clothesline, kick to the gut, kick punch punch kick punch kick, and finishes with a leg sweep to Okada knocking him to the mat. O’Reilly gets the hot tag to Fish, Fish comes in with a sliding forearm, crossbody splash into Okada in the corner, back elbow drop, goes for a kick, misses, then picks Gedo up and suplexes him onto Okada, pin attempt, but Okada kicks out.

Okada delivers a knee, Fish delivers a knee, Okada goes for a jackknife powerbomb, Fish rolls through, and Okada drops Fish on his head. Okada picks up Fish, plants him to the mat, climbs to the top turnbuckle, and hits a top rope elbow drop. Okada picks up Fish again, spins him around, goes for The Rainmaker, Fish ducks it, picks him up in his shoulders, and Samoan drops Okada to the mat. Both men are down. Gedo tags in, knocks O’Reilly off the apron, picks up Fish, delivers a neckbreaker, superkick, pin attempt, but Fish gets out at 2. Gedo sets up for the Exploder, but Fish now fighting back with elbows to Gedo until Okada hits a standing dropkick, Gedo with an inverted pin attempt, but Fish gets out. Fish to his feet, backs Okada into the corner, Okada knocked to the outside, Fish sends Okada into the ringpost, then Fish and O’Reilly attack Gedo in the corner with fast smashing double-team offense. Fish covers Gedo, but Okada makes the save. Okada now trading forearms with reDRagon until O’Reilly hits the Ax and Smash. reDRagon picks up Gedo and hit Chasing the Dragon for the win.

Winner: reDRagon

reDRagon congratulate each other and we go to commercial.

When we return, we see highlights from last week between War Machine and the Briscoes. The Briscoes cut a pre-recorded promo, “The current reigning and defending ROH Tag Team Champions, Hanson and Rowe, War Machine, listen up. Fellas, we got a message for ya and it ain’t nothing abstract, it ain’t going to blow your mind. Boys, you ain’t never beat us. Four times we’ve been in the ring together, and you ain’t never beat us. And you know damn well, you’re the champions, congratulations, but you can’t call yourself the best when you ain’t beat Dem Boys. But don’t get it twisted, y’all ain’t the only ones with something to prove. It’s been too long, it’s been 3 years since Dem Boys held those titles. It’s been too long, man. Y’all ain’t the only ones with something to prove.”

Adam Cole vs Kushida (Non-Title Match)

Adam Cole weighing 207 pounds, makes his way to the ring. Out next, wearing his purple Back to the Future vest, from Tokyo, Japan weighing 192 pounds IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Kushida. The fans pop big and litter the ring with streamers. MW3 tells us Kushida has a both an MMA background and a baseball background. The two men to exchange the code of honor, the bell rings, and we begin.

They circle each other, collar-and-elbow tie up, Kushida gets backed into the corner, the referee calls for the break, Cole backs up and yells, “Adam Cole, bay bay!” Kushida looks confused, draws air quotes, and the fans laugh. Kushida goes to fight from his backside (as per his Jiu-Jitsu training) and tries to swat Cole away. MW3 tells us Kushida is a student of Tajiri. Kushida takes Cole to the mat, spins around his back, slaps him on the back of the head, and yells, “Kushida, bay bay!” Cole with a boot, headlock by Cole, reversal headlock by Kushida, Cole throws Kushida off the ropes, misses with the clothesline, fujita armbar, and then Kushida delivers a stomp to the back of the head. Kushida throws Cole off the ropes, reversal, Kushida catches himself in the ropes, flips to the outside, but meets an enziguri to the back of the head. Cole tells the fans to scurry at ringside so he can throw Kushida into the crowd, but instead Cole turns around, gives them an up yours gesture, and we go to commercial

When we return, Cole has Kushida in a headlock, Kushida fights out, hits the ropes, but Cole hits a back elbow and bows for the crowd. Kushida rakes Cole’s arm on the apron, Kushida flips back in and knocks Cole to the mat. Kick kick by Kushida, he gets caught by Cole, Cole punches him in the leg, then an atomic drop by Kushida, low dropkick, cartwheel and a dropkick to the side of the Cole’s head. Kushida working on Cole’s left arm, Kushida goes for a kick that misses, Cole connects with a kick, Kushida misses a clothesline, Cole connects again with a kick, Cole runs the ropes, but Kushida follows him with a cannonball that knocks Cole to be outside. Kushida climbs to the top turnbuckle, and then a crash-and-burn swanton onto the floor. The fans chant “Kushida!”

Cole gets back in at 10, but gets met by a standing drop kick from Kushida, then a top rope moonsault press, but Cole gets the knees up. Cole then hits a running Shining Wizard, pin attempt, but Kushida kicks out at 2. Kushida syncs a tarantula Hoverboard lock, Cole grabs the referee for leverage to break the hold, before the referee yells, “You keep your hands off me!” Cole picks up Kushida, small package, Kushida catches Cole in the hoverboard lock, rolling pins by both men, kickouts. They run the ropes, smash each other with forearms, bicycle kick by Cole, jumping enziguri to Kushida, and then Kushida delivers a Kuroda strike knockout blow to Cole. Kushida hits the ropes, rolls through, Hoverboard Lock, Cole nearly gets to the ropes, Kushida brings him back to the center of the ring. Cole picks Kushida up on his shoulder, Kushida slides down, Hoverboard Lock again, Cole reverses, pin attempt, stacks him, Kushida kick out. Both men to their feet, Cole catches Kushida, but Kushida hits a superkick. Off the ropes, reversal, Kushida goes for the flying back hip block, but Cole kicks him in the head, then inverted neckbreaker onto the knee and Cole covers, 1-2-3.

Winner: Adam Cole

Dalton Castle cuts a backstage promo, “Every time I meet someone, I’ve thought about how to fight them. Silas, I’ve met you a lot. It’s not about how I’m going to fight you, but what I’m going to fight you with. Maybe I’ll use a colander, maybe I’ll fill your pants up with flesh-eating piranhas. I don’t know how many years I got left on this planet and I’m going to get weird.” (Note: this promo was cut from the Comet broadcast.)

When we return, we are shown footage from the 14th Anniversary Show of MCMG reuniting.

The Addiction vs. Motor City Machine Guns (Tag Team Grudge Match)

“The Almighty” Christopher Daniels and “The Heavy Metal Rebel” Frankie Kazarian are out first. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin make their way to the ring to Alex Shelley’s music and entrance graphic. Nigel McGuinness has joined on commentary. Daniels and Sabin start it off. “The Ring General” walks around the ring with his hands folded behind his back. They tie up, Kazarian and Shelley come in, and this thing has broken down already. All four men are in the ring, shot to Sabin, Irish whip to Shelley, Addiction throws both MGMG to the center of the ring, MCMG does the dosey doe, splash Addiction in the corner, throw Addiction into each other, and toss them out of the ring. The fans applaud and we go to commercial.

When we come back, Kazarian is on the outside, sunset flip over Sabin, reversal, pin attempt, kick out. Sabin holds Kazarian’s arm while Shelley comes off the top rope. Now Shelley holds Kazarian’s arm while Sabin leapfrogs over Shelley’s back, then they take turns jumping off each others back with running forearms on the Addiction. They throw Kazarian off the ropes, atomic drop, low dropkick, rolling neckbreaker, and then a kick to the face. Shelley climbs up on the second rope, opens up the five-hole, and Sabin connects with a suicide dive to the outside. Sabin throws Kazarian back in the ring, Shelley goes to the top rope, Kazarian is staggered, cross body block, pin attempt, but Kazarian kicks out at 2.

Kazarian gets to his feet, Shelley sizes him up Paparazzi Productions style, climbs to the top rope, gets 5 shots to the head before Daniels comes over distract. Shelley takes out Daniels and then Kazarian. Shelley rushes in with a forearm, Daniels pull Shelley’s legs off the second turnbuckle, and then Kazarian with a backbreaker to Shelley. Sabin tries to come in, but the ref stops him, and Addiction double-team Shelley in the corner. Kazarian picks Shelley up, club to the back of the head, throws him off the ropes, punch to the gut, knee to the face, swinging neckbreaker by Kazarian, Daniels covers for the pin, 1-2, kickout. Daniels holds Shelley in the corner, stomp stomp, Kazarian tags in. Addiction keep tagging each other in and stomping on Shelley. Kazarian poses in the ring while Daniels stands on Shelley’s hand.

Shelley now trying to fight out against both men, hits the ropes, ducks under Kazarian, but meets a clothesline, Daniels flips Kazarian onto Shelley, and then Daniels hits a second rope moonsault. Daniels stands with a boot on Shelley’s chest, the referee counts, but Sabin comes in to break up, and we go to commercial

When we return, Addiction have Shelley isolated in the corner. Daniels tags in Kazarian, Irish whip to the corner, spear, then Kazarian leaps over the top rope with a DDT to Shelley, pin attempt, but Sabin runs in and breaks it up. McGuinness tells us, “Shelley is taking a lot of damage.” Kazarian tries to hook him for a suplex, but Shelley fights out, Daniels comes in, and then Shelley nails a stunner/DDT combo on both of them at the same time. Shelley goes for the tag, but Daniels pulls Sabin off of the apron. Kazarian with a snapmare takeover, kicks to the back, and Addiction have Shelley in their corner again.

Addiction throws Shelley off the ropes, he ducks a double clothesline, turns around, gets caught by Daniels, kicks Kazarian and drops him to the mat, then Shelley delivers a drop toe hold to Daniels that slams Daniels head first into Kazarian’s groin. MW3 says, “Right in the ding ding!” Sabin with a crossbody block onto both members of Addiction, 3 elbows to Daniels, wrenches the arm, kick to the stomach, goes to throw Daniels off the ropes, reversal, Sabin ducks a clothesline, and hits a clothesline of his own. Sabin runs to the corner with a back elbow, climbs to the top rope, kicks Kazarian in the chest for good measure before leaping at Daniels, they run the ropes again, Sabin tries to leapfrog, Daniels catches him, Sabin gets out, and then meets a springboard DDT onto Daniels, Sabin hooks him, 1-2, but Daniels kicks out.

Addiction catch Sabin in a basket catch, double team offense, pin, but Shelley is in to break it up. Daniels up on the top turnbuckle, Kazarian positions Sabin to lock fingers with Daniels, but Daniels rolls through and then Daniels jumps to the outside. Kazarian catches Sabin and delivers a diamond-cutter over the top rope, but Sabin kicks out. Addiction go for Celebrity Rehab, but Sabin counters, Shelley in now, Daniels hits an STO, Sabin with an enziguri, MCMG catch Kazarian on their shoulders, and then spin him to the mat. MCMG double-team kicks to Daniels, Sabin with a neckbreaker, then holds Daniels while Shelley comes off the top for a diving crossbody for the Skull and Bones finisher. Sabin scores the victory.

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns

After the bell, Addiction take out MCMG until Matt Sydal and Kushida run down to make the save. While they are checking on MCMG, The Young Bucks come in and deliver a superkick to Kushida. Shelley takes out Matt, then Nick and Sabin go at it. Addiction, Sydal, and Kushida are in now as well. The bell is ringing while all four teams brawl. It’s a donnybrook, as the credits roll, the faces (MCMG, Sydal, Kushida) gain control of the ring, hug each other, and the show ends.

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