ROH TV Recap – Episode 246

The show opens with spliced together backstage promos from Prince Nana and Donovan Dijack, as well as Jay Lethal and Taeler Hendrix. Nana says, “The time has come. We put out the man that led you to the ROH World Title.” Lethal says, “To be a great champion, you must remove all your personal affairs. Well, I’m having a damn hard time doing that.” Hendrix says, “What you did, was sick.” Lethal says, “You hurt our friend, Truth Martini.” Hendrix says, “The one man to ever believe in you.” Lethal says, “You broke his neck.” Nana says, “Right now, you have no one to turn to.” Hendrix says, “I’ve got news for you, pal. You are in the sights of the champion.” Nana, “The time for a new Ring of Honor World Champion has finally come.” Lethal, “We believe in revenge.” Hendrix, “It just got personal.” Dijack, “Jay Lethal, your time is up.”

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness welcome us from Ted Reeve Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. KK says, “And tonight the man who broke Truth Martini’s neck will speak, plus we will see the newest member of the Bullet Club, The Hangman Adam Page, against a man who is really looking for revenge, Colt Cabana, making his return to ROH TV after a 5 year absence. All of this, plus The Rainmaker is here.”

Matt Sydal vs. Kazuchika Okada

Co-holder of the IWGP Junior Tag Team Championship Reborn Matt Sydal walks to the ring, slides under the bottom rope, and poses in the ring. Okada’s music hits and KK says, “Next, the man who Jushin Thunder Liger called ‘a perfect wrestler’ is on his way to the ring,” he is followed by Gedo. The fans pop loudly for Okada. KK says, “Tens of millions of dollars of talent. The Rainmaker has arrived.” The camera gets a close up of one of the Okada dollars.

Tale of the tape says Sydal 5’10”/195 vs. Okada 6’2”/229 (Bobby Cruise says 236). KK says “Certainly there is a size advantage for Okada, but Sydal has faced The Big Show and Mark Henry. He’s given up size and weight many times before, and never even taken a back step. Nigel, it’s interesting, when your fellow countrymen Will Osprey was tabbed the newest member of Chaos in New Japan, Sydal felt more than a little slighted. That was an interesting conversation we had with Mr. Sydal.”

Collar-and-elbow tie-up, go behind by Okada, go behind by Sydal, wrist lock by Okada, Sydal rolls through, jumps to his feet, armbar, pump handle, snapmare takeover, headlock, armbar, Okada reverses into an armbar headlock of his own. NM says, “He’s called Reborn, because he came back from an injury that many thought was going to sideline him forever.” Sydal throws Okada off the ropes, Okada hits a shoulder block tackle, runs the ropes again, ducks under, jumps over, goes for The Rainmaker, but Sydal hits a hurricanrana, arm wringer by Sydal, back elbows by Okada, Sydal flips him down on the mat, does a backflip, Okada gets out of the way, jumps and stops and they stare each other down.

Okada wrist a wrist lock, arm wringer, shoulder block, whip reversal into the corner, Sydal meets an elbow, and then a spinning back heel kick takes Okada to the mat. Sydal goes to the second rope and tries for a tornado DDT, but Okada reverses and puts him back on the turnbuckle, and then nails a dropkick knocking Sydal to the floor, and we go to commercial.

When we return, Sydal fights out with an elbow and a kick, throws Okada off the ropes, he catches himself on the ropes, and Sydal meets a boot, Okada with a slingshot senton over the top rope, cover, kick out. Sydal is wincing in pain, Okada picks him up, Sydal with an elbow to the gut, chop kick chop kick, Okada returns with clubbing blows to the back. Okada slams Sydal’s head into the turnbuckle, slams his head into the opposite turnbuckle, now back to the first one, 2 elbows to the back of the neck, goes to throw Sydal’s head to another turnbuckle, but he blocks and kicks him in the face.

Sydal delivers 2 kicks to the back of the quad, then a kick to the back of the head, standing moonsault, folds him up like an accordion, cover, kick out. Sydal splashes Okada in the corner, flies off the top rope with a double sitting knee, cover, kick out. Sydal grabs hold of an injured knee, ducks a kick by Okada, and then connects with a back kick of his own, goes for a top rope hurricanrana but Okada slides through, catches Sydal’s head on the turnbuckle and then rolls through backwards and plants him with a jackknife neckbreaker to the knee, pin attempt, kick out.

Okada slams Sydal to the mat, climbs to the top turnbuckle and nails the big elbow. Okada calls for The Rainmaker as the camera zooms out, he picks up Sydal, spins around, Sydal ducks it with a Matrix-like escape, reverse headscissors by Sydal that drops Okada on his head. Sydal climbs to the top rope, goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Okada blocks with double knees to the gut, Okada goes for a tombstone piledriver, Sydal gets out, Sydal misses a kick and then Okada lands a standing dropkick. Now on his third try, Okada nails The Rainmaker, third time’s a charm, and it’s over, 1-2-3.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada

After the match, Okada and Sydal shake hands.

Adam Cole and the Young Bucks cut a backstage promo, “Hey Bucks, did you guys hear what the Best in the World main event is? Jay Lethal defending his title against Jay Briscoe? Everybody knows that whoever wins that match is just keeping the title warm for ol’ Adam Cole baybay. And Jay Lethal, tonight you’re wrestling Donovan Dijak. Well, I just wanted to make this very apparent to you, the BC, we might, I don’t know, come say hello to the champ,” and we go to commercial.

After the break, Silas Young cuts a backstage promo, “The other day, I came home and my son was sitting on the floor coloring this.” He shows ROH’s ‘The Best Coloring Book on the Planet Today.’ Silas continues, “And I look down, and he was coloring a picture of ACH. I told him ‘Son, that’s fine if you want to color that book, but just know that guy you’re coloring a picture of, the way he acts, that’s not the way men act.’ He looked at me, he closed it up, and he gave it to me and said, ‘Dad, if that’s the case, then I don’t want it anymore’. And it just made me think, my seven-year-old son is more of a man than ACH is. See the problem is ACH, you think I hate you, you think I got some big problem with you, but the fact of the matter is, I’m just trying to teach you some lessons, some lessons obviously you didn’t learn that you needed to learn, some lessons that your father failed to teach you on being a man.”

Adam Page vs. Colt Cabana

Out next, is the newest member of the BC, The Hangman Adam Page. NM notes, “Conspicuous by their absence, the rest of the BC. Normally they’re like packs of wolves, they come out here together.” KK comments, “You never know when they could be on the scene.” Colt Cabana’s video plays, the camera zooms in and out for the Boom Boom. Tale of the tape says 6’1”/240 Cabana vs 6’0”/207 Page (Bobby Cruise and the video department matched up correctly). The fans chant, “Colt Cabana!” The referee asks for the Code of Honor, both men refuse.

Collar-and-elbow tie-up, they push each other to the ropes, the referee calls for the break. The fans chant, “Art of wrestling!” Collar-and-elbow tie-up again, they push each other to the ropes again, the referee calls for the break again. Cabana shoves Page and then Page connects with a big right hand, Page with a chop, punch to the head, Cabana throws him off the ropes, but Page lands a shoulder tackle. Page runs the ropes, Cabana ducks under, leaps over, then runs the ropes himself, and hits a spinning headscissors

NM says, “Cabana has learned so much from going over and wrestling in England, from guys like Johnny Saint, Steve Grey.” Fans chant, “Boom! Boom!” Page goes for a kick, but Cabana catches him with a leg takedown. NM says, “You could make an argument that perhaps he doesn’t feel he feels his spot in BC is really secure yet, so he’s got to earn it. I don’t know.” Cabana goes for the Boston crab, Page fights out, Cabana with a wrist lock, go behind, snapmare takeover, cover, kick out, now Cabana transitions into a crucifix style pin attempt, kick out again.

Cabana and Page push each other, collar-and-elbow tie-up, headlock by Cabana, arm wringer by Cabana, Page with a forearm, Cabana arm wringer again, Page forearm, Cabana throws his hand to the mat. Cabana stands tall with a wrist lock, twisting the fingers, whip reversal, Cabana jumps up the turnbuckle, ducks underneath, Page throws him to the outside, and then Page hits a Shooting Star Press from the apron, and we go to commercial.

When we return, the fans have dueling chants going. Chop by Cabana, chop by Page, slap by Cabana, chop by Page, slap by Cabana, push by Page, forearm by Cabana, Cabana ducks a clothesline and then gets hit with a clothesline on the reversal. Page with the push kick into the corner, cover, kick out. Page with a pectoral stretch, Cabana runs his backside hip into Page’s gut twice, a kick and a punch by Page, whips Cabana in the corner, and then meets a back elbow.

Cabana with another elbow, climbs to the second rope and jumps off, Page goes under, then Cabana with a double-handed chop, two punches to the face, whip reversal off the ropes, Cabana ducks a clothesline, and then 4 punches and then a rolling punch. Cabana runs into the corner with the flying hip attack, Page with a kick to the leg, Cabana with a elbow to the head.

Page goes to the apron, comes back in with a slingshot lariat, cover, kick out. Page picks up Cabana for the Rite of Passage, Cabana holds himself on the ropes, ducks a clothesline and then a moonsault by Cabana, cover, kick out. Elbow by Cabana, elbow by Page, Page comes charging in, push kick by Cabana, leg-on-leg bridge pin attempt, 1-2-3, and Cabana wins.

Winner: Colt Cabana

After the match, the Guerrillas of Destiny come down and attack Cabana, with clubbing blows, stomps to the back, punches, elbows, as Page walks around the ring with the hangman’s noose. GoD hold Cabana, Page goes to put the noose around his neck, and KK says, “We need some help. We need security. Look at what they’re doing. Fans, we can’t show any more of this, we’ve got to go to break, go to commercial break, we need help.” The camera points at the apron and we cut away.

Rhett Titus asks, “Are you tired of little boys with itty bitty biceps?” KK asks, “Are you tired of really old dudes in masks? Hi I’m Kenny King.” RT chimes in, “And I’m Rhett Titus,” and together, “We’re the All Night Express.” KK asks, “See, when you think about Jushin Thunder Liger, what are the things you think of?” RT says, “Honor, respect, legendary.” KK continues, “Legendary, the man has fought names like Malenko, Juventud Guerrero, Chris Jericho,” RT says, “All of the greats.” KK continues, “But now Cheeseburger? See, this is what we’re talking about, now when I think of JTL, I think of Brett Favre, I think of Allen Iverson, aka. I think of old farts that stayed in the game way past their prime, but that changes in Toronto.” RT says, “And Toronto is the first stop on our campaign trail.” KK continues, “We’re listening to you. Even if it kills us,” and they say together, “We will make wrestling great again.”

BJ Whitmer comes down to the ring and grabs a mic, “Finally Nigel, finally you have come to your senses and you have booked the match. Lately Steve, you’ve gone online and you’ve thrown out all these empty threats. You tell me I’ve crossed the line, you tell me I’ve gone too far, but the truth of the matter is, you have no one else to blame for my actions, but yourself. So this all comes to a head on June 24th, Best in the World, live on pay-per-view. We stand across the ring from one another, in the ultimate Fight Without Honor. Now listen real close Steve, because this is not an empty threat. When you leave the house that weekend, you kiss that pretty little wife and that baby son of yours goodbye. Because not only am I going to break your body, I’m going to steal your soul.”

Steve Corino runs through the audience, security holds him back, Whitmer says, “Tough man, tough man. Oh, you want some now? You want some now? You know what? I ain’t gotta wait for Charlotte, let’s do this right now.” Corino gets into the ring, but Whitmer climbs out of the ring, and officials and security keep the two separated. KK says, “You went too far BJ Whitmer, that footage when you stalked his wife, stalked his son, how dare you.”

ACH cuts a backstage promo, “When I was 13 years old, my father actually told me, if you’re handling your business, and you’re taking care of your responsibilities, you do you. As long as you’re not taking food off another man’s plate, you do you. And Silas, I’m obviously not taking food off your plate, and I obviously don’t have a problem with you, you obviously have a problem with me. More importantly, you have a problem with yourself, because these things are called insecurities. You’re jealous of all the things that ACH does. See, its confidence to walk out and express yourself, and tell people that you can be you, no matter what you do. If you want to watch cartoons, watch cartoons, it doesn’t matter how old you are. And how dare you say my father never taught me how to be a man? Don’t worry about me, worry about your son. And the only reason why your son may be more man than I am? It’s because Silas, it’s simple, you’re not man enough to hold down your household.” He takes a PlayStation Vita out of his back pocket and walks away.

Donovan Dijack vs. Jay Lethal (c) (non-title match)

Dijack’s over-autotuned entrance music hits, he walks out slowly, smiling, screams on the ramp, and then continues suave to the ring. KK asks NM, “And why is this a non-title match?” NM says, “He hasn’t earned it yet, but if he were to win here, he would certainly be in line for one.” Next out is your ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, the greatest wrestler in the world, the greatest first generation wrestler. Lethal is all business as he walks to the ring, gives Dijack a long stare, takes off the belt, climbs in the ring, and immediately the two men go at it.

They exchange shots, Lethal with a knee to the gut, takedown, mount position raining blows, roll over, Dijack raining blows, Lethal raining blows. NM says, “Very uncharacteristic for the world champion, likes to usually take things slow. But as you said, the anger, the aggression,” Uppercut by Lethal, right hand by Dijack, throws him to the corner, Dijack fights out with 3 forearms, Dijack with 4 kicks, and then points at his nose and screams. Lethal fights out with 2 forearms, chop, Dijack picks him up and throws him up-and-over to the floor.

Dijack crawls outside after Lethal, pushes him in the back of the neck, clubbing blow to the back. Lethal walks around, then returns with the right hand, chop, forearm, but Dijack with a knee and then a suplexes Lethal on the floor. Dijack rolls back in to break the count, goes for a whip but Lethal reverses and sends Dijack upside down into the steel railing landing on a chair. Lethal picks up Dijack, and whips him upside down into the steel railing again. Lethal stares down Prince Nana, and then chases him around the ring. Nana climbs into the ring and pleads for mercy, Lethal grabs him by the jacket and points a finger in his face, suddenly Nana smiles, and then Dijack attacks from behind.

The two men exchange forearms, Lethal with a knife-edge chop, forearm, Dijack throws him off the ropes, Lethal catches himself, Lethal throws Dijack up-and-over, Dijack catches himself on the apron, and then Lethal with a dropkick sends Dijack to the floor. Lethal runs the ropes and suicide dives toffee onto Dijack once, twice, and looks really mad as he goes for it a third time, but Dijack sidesteps and shoves him into the barricade. Dijack does a standing backflip over the top rope onto the floor onto Lethal, screams at him, and we go to commercial.

When we pick it up, Lethal is on the mat. We see footage from during the commercial, Dijack picks up the belt and shoves it in Lethal’s face, “You see this? I’m taking it. Feast your eyes. I’m taking it, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Back to the action, Dijack picks Lethal up, he fights out, go-behind, Lethal with an arm drag, cartwheel, and then a low dropkick, but Lethal may have injured his knee. Lethal sends Dijack’s head into the turnbuckle, 2 knife-edge chops, Lethal with an armbar, whip reversal, Dijack runs in, but meets a boot, Lethal jumps off the second rope, but Dijack catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex, Dijack springboards to his feet and points at his nose, cover, kickout.

Dijack start pushing Lethal in the face and yelling at him, Lethal gets angry and stands up and slaps Diack, they exchange forearms, Dijack goes for a clothesline but misses, Lethal goes for the Lethal Combination but his knee gives out. Lethal with the right hand, Dijack with a kick, belly-to-back German suplex by Lethal. Dijack is to his feet first, goes for a chokeslam, but Lethal flips and lands on his feet, hits a spinning enziguri, but then a boot by Dijack turns Lethal inside out. Both men are down, Hendrix pounds on the mat. Dijack is up first, Nana says, “You’re making too much noise.” Taeler says, “You want some? Come and get it.”

Dijack is up first, Lethal hits the Lethal Combination, cover, kick out. Lethal gets to his feet, highly favoring the knee, positions Dijack, goes to the top rope looking for the Hail to the King elbow, NM says, “Taking way too long in my book, 5-6-7 seconds, at least. Dijack laying prone, but has he got one eye on Lethal?” Lethal jumps off, but Dijack catches him with a hand around the throat, Lethal tries to fight out, Dijack picks him up, and Lethal reverses into a pin attempt, Dijack picks him up wheelbarrow style transitions into Feast Your Eyes, but Lethal lands on his feet, Dijack with a kick to the face. Dijack punches Lethal in the face, picks him up, starts jawing at him, runs the ropes, but Lethal hits a superkick, goes for the Lethal Injection, but Dijack picks him up on his shoulders and nails a powerbomb, weak cover, Lethal kicks out. KK says, “Prince Nana very upset with Todd Sinclair about that count.” NM says, “He should be upset with Dijack for not hooking the legs.”

Dijack goes for the springboard moonsault off the top rope and misses, Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Nana climbs up on the apron, Hendrix pulls him off, throws his scarf at him, she goes to slap him, but he catches her hand. Dijack tries again for Feast Your Eyes, but he turns around and gets super kicked by Kenny Omega and Matt Jackson. KK says, “The superkick was intended for Lethal, but he got out of the way.” Lethal pushes The Elite out of the ring, nails the Lethal Injection, and this one is over, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jay Lethal

After the match, GoD come down to the ring again and take out Lethal, punches to the face, stomps, punches to the gut, clubbing blows to the back, until the Briscoes run in to make the save. They throw the GoD out of the ring, the fans chant, “Man up!” as Mark runs the ropes and front flips onto the GoD. Jay Briscoe stands alone in the ring with Lethal, Hendrix hands Lethal the title, but Briscoe takes it from him. Lethal has a streamer on his head, stands up, the fans chant, “One more time!” Briscoe extends the belt, Lethal grabs his belt away and they stare at each other. KK calls the Briscoe v. Lethal rematch, one year in the making, “The biggest rematch in ROH history.” and then continues, “Fans next week, one-on-one, Kushida vs Kyle O’Reilly, and more, as we countdown to Best in the World. We’ll see you then.”