ROH TV Report: Bullet Club Continues To Crumble

Ring of Honor Television
air date: May 8th 2017 (Fite App)
Baltimore, MD

1. the Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. the Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey)

Last week the Young Bucks sent out an open challenge, and oddly enough it was the Spirit Squad who accepted. Squad jumped the Bucks to start the match but were quickly sent to the outside with super kicks.
Spirit Squad got a bit of offence in, but not much. Bucks win with the Meltzer Driver.
Winners: the Young Bucks

2. Punishment Martinez vs. Beer City Bruiser

The Bruiser got a surprising amount of offence in this match. He hit a sidewalk slam, and several cannon balls. He finally missed a cannonball and that allowed Martinez to pop up and hit the “South of Heaven” chokeslam.
Winner: Punishment Martinez

3. Christopher Daniels & Dalton Castle vs. Adam Cole & Cody (Bullet Club)

Before the match, a video package of Adam Cole aired. He said everything is OK with Bullet Club, which of course means the opposite is true. Early in the match, Cole called for a tag but Cody seemed hesitant. It would be the first of several “teased dissension” moments between the two during the match.

Jay Lethal was on commentary, mainly talking about how unfair it is that Cody has been added to the ROH World Title match at the upcoming PPV. Considering Lethal defeated Cody in a Bullrope match at the last PPV, he might have a point.

Later in the match, Cody accidentally hit Cole with the Disaster kick, sending him to the floor. Cole then got up and left the ring area! The match continued with a 2-on-1, with Adam Cole seemingly having abandoned his Bullet Club teammate.

Just when it looked like Daniels was going to put away Cody, Cole ran back in and hit a super-kick to the back of Daniels’ head. Cody then hit a Cross Rhodes on Daniels for the pin.

Afterwards, Cole played it off as if his leaving the ring area was all part of his plan. Young Bucks then hit the ring and all 4 celebrated, although there were perhaps some suspicious glances towards Cole.
Winners: Adam Cole & Cody

Once the Bullet Club left, Jay Lethal got in the ring with Christopher Daniels. Lethal helped him to his feet but then got in Daniels’ face, blaming him for the match now being a triple threat.

As they were arguing, Cody hit the ring again and knocked them both down. Lethal and Cody started brawling briefly, when almost out of nowhere Lethal landed the Lethal Injection on both Cody and Daniels.

Cody vs. Adam Cole vs. Christopher Daniels for the ROH Championship main event’s “War of the Worlds” this Friday, May 12th 2017 from the Hammerstein Ballroom.