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ROH TV Results – Episode 235

ROH TV recap for the week of March 20, 2016

After the intro video package, the fans pop from Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, NV.  Mr. Wrestling 3 and Kevin Kelly are here, and we kick off the hour with a World TV Title match.

BJ Whitmer is out first.  We are reminded that Whitmer picked up the controversial victory at the ROH 14th Anniversary show over Adam Page.  The “Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii makes his way next.  Bobby Cruise goes to make the announcement, but is interrupted by Veda Scott.  Veda on the mic, “I’m just here to introduce myself to the new ROH TV champion.  I’m Veda Scott and it is my job to ensure that my client Cedric Alexander gets every opportunity he deserves, one way or another.  So BJ Whitmer, let’s talk.  I just want to propose a slight change of plans.  In this envelope, I have a certified check and it’s all for you on the express condition that you surrender your TV Title opportunity to Cedric Alexander right now.  Let me speak!  This is Vegas, you could cash this check you could have the best day, the best week of your life, and have a whole lot left over.  You’re a wise man BJ and I know you’re going to make a wise decision.”  BJ responds, “You mean to tell me that you think BJ Whitmer is the type of man who can be bought off?”  The fans chant “Yes!  Yes!” while Whitmer looks at the check.  “Well, you would be absolutely correct in that assumption.”  They shake on it, Whitmer takes the deal and gives up the TV Title opportunity.  Kelly wonders, “How much money are we talking about?”  And we go to commercial.

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Cedric Alexander vs ROH TV Champion Tomohiro Ishii

Back from the break, they lock up collar-and-elbow, Cedric Alexander backs Ishii to the ropes.  Forearm from CA, Ishii is unfazed.  CA delivers another 3 forearms, Ishii still unfazed.  Ishii throws CA off the ropes and they run into each other.  Ishii challenges him to go at it again, CA bounces, Ishii bounces, and CA falls to the mat.  3 forearms from CA, then a chop by Ishii to the throat and CA is down again.  Ishii picks him up and delivers a series of chops, headbutt, then throws him off the ropes but CA reverses and Veda Scott pulls the foot of Ishii before CA hits a dropkick.  CA delivering stomps to Ishii, forearm to the back to the head, chops, snapmare takeover, dropkick to the side of the head.  Pin attempt, 1-2, Ishii kicks out, another cover Ishii kicks out again.  CA stomps on Ishii’s head, headlock, Ishii tries to fight out but gets an elbow to the head.  The fans chant Ishii, CA walking around the ring hitting and kicking Ishii in the head.  Ishii gets angry and stands up.  Shrugs off 7 or 8 forearms and even starts leaning into them.  He finally returns with a forearm of his own, then a splash in the corner, chop forearm chop forearm chop forearm.  Irish whip, reversal, Ishii explodes out of the corner and turns CA inside out with a shoulder block.  Vertical drop brainbuster, cover, 1-2, CA kicks out.  Ishii goes for powerbomb, but CA blocks and flips Ishii.  Ishii getting to his feet, CA sizing him up, Ishii gets out of the way, but CA turns with a kick off top rope. Michinoku driver, cover, but Ishii kicks out, CA is shocked.  CA gets up, hooks Ishii by the tights, but Ishii syncs in a headlock and delivers some elbows, CA gets in kick, kick, spinning kick until Ishii returns a hard (and loud) headbutt.  Slinging lariat, CA caught him, backslide pin attempt, Ishii kicks out.  Ishii with a lariat, but CA kicks out.  Ishii growls to the crowd, picks up CA and nails a second vertical drop brainbuster, 1-2-3, and that’s it.

Winner and still ROH TV Champion: Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii stands over top of CA yelling and holding the title in his face.  Mr. Wrestling 3 wonders if Veda Scott will ask for a refund.  Ishii stops by the announce table and continues yelling.  Kelly says “You’re the man.  You’re the champion.”  Mr. Wrestling 3 translates what Ishii said, “He said nobody can beat him.”  And we’re off to commercial.

When we return, the Addiction’s music hits.  Kelly tells us Addiction has a bone to pick because recently the ROH 14th Anniversary show turned into an unlikely reunion for Motor City Machine Guns.

Kazarian on the mic, “Big news!  The MCMG are back together again.  And while it may give all of you a warm fuzzy feeling, it makes us, the men who were betrayed, sick to our damn stomachs.  Chris Sabin..” The fans chant “Motor city!” “Chris Sabin… you silly stupid little turd.  Out of the goodness of our hearts we rescued you from the bowels of obscurity and made you relevant once again.  Without us, you’d be as bad as Detroit’s economy.  What do you do?  You betray us and run to Shelley, into the safety of your MCMG buddy, pointing at your stupid hands.  And it’s only fitting it happened here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It can be said this is world capital for bad decision making.  Go ahead chanting, because lions don’t lose sleep over opinions of sheep.  So Sabin, I’ll chalk this up to bad decision making, but what you owe us is an a apology.”  Daniels interrupts on the mic shouting, “No no Frankie, that’s not the way a friend treats you.  I expect that from Ring Of Honor cuz they’re jealous and trying to hold us back.  I expect that from these simple-minded fans because they’re them and not us.  Yeah, I’d hate to be you (fans), trust me.  It’s not a big deal, it’s a blip on the radar, cuz everything about tag team in ROH begins and ends with the Addiction.  Machine Guns, I don’t care if you consider yourselves the younger generation, the new generation, or the next generation, cuz we are generation killers and we are going to end this reunion before it even starts.”  Shelley’s music and entrance graphic hits, and out come Sabin and Shelley.  The fans chant “Motor City!”  Sabin speaks up, “So anyway, from the looks of things, you 2 seem to be a little confused.  Its simple, I’ll explain to you, in this moment I’ve come to realization that you 2 are nothing more than bitter douchebags.  That’s the only reason I’m standing with my best friend Alex Shelley and not you guys anymore.  So from the sounds of it, seems like 2 you are trying to pick a fight.  So if you want to do this, we could do it right here, right now, what do you think?”  MCMG take off for the ring, but Addiction hightails it out of Dodge.  Daniels says “So wait, what you’re telling me is, what you’re telling me is, you want to fight us right here, right now?  You simple-minded sheep want so to see MCMG against the Addiction right now?  I’m sorry, that’s not how it works.  Children don’t tell adults what to do, adults tell children what to do.  So you young kids understand, the vets will decide when this match goes down, and it’s up to us.  You can stand here and point your hands and these douchebags can cheer all you want.  You don’t deserve our attention one bit.”  Commercial.

Truth Martini and Jay Lethal cut a prerecorded promo on Hirooki Goto.  Truth says, “Goto you’re going 1-on-1 against the greatest ROH heavyweight champion that ever lived.  If life don’t check you, I will.”  Lethal jumps in, “Goto, when we meet, you will ‘go to’ the hospital.  See what i did there?  I’m going to send you back to the Land of the Rising Sun with a notebook and that notebook will read one thing, Jay Lethal is the greatest.”  Commercial.

The Briscoes vs. Reno Scum

We’re back.  Tag team action, Reno Scum is out first in their leather jackets, weighing a combined total of 462 pounds.  Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend make their way to the ring.  The Briscoes music hits and the fans go nuts.  Out come Dem Boys to a raucous ovation.  The bell rings, MW3 wonders if Reno Scum the same S.C.U.M. from a few years ago.  Kelly tells him no, that was a brief time in ROH history.  Bell rings, lock up, whip to the corner.  Mark leapfrogs, snapmare takeover, dropkick, tags Jay in, and they tag team a multiple headbutt combo.  Thornstowe gets a clothesline from Mark, clotheslines from Jay takes him to the outside.  Mark hits a baseball slide diving through middle rope.  Thornstowe is thrown back in ring, Jay sends him off the ropes, hits a dropkick, goes for the pin, 1-2, kickout.  Jay tags Mark in, Mark delivers shots to ribs, Thornstowe fights back, knocks Jay off the apron rope, but Mark catches him.   Mark hits Thornstowe, sends him to corner, reversal, then a spear on Mark in corner, elbow, and Thornstowe tags in Luster.  Together Renco Scum split Mark’s legs, drag him to corner, elbow, cover, pin, kick out.  They drag Mark over to the corner again, both men slam him into turnbuckle, then deliver blows to the back and yell to the crowd.  Mark tries punch out, more punches, Thornstowe sends Mark to turnbuckles and tag in Luster.  Thornstowe stands on the apron pointing his fingers like a gun when Luster slaps Mark loud like a gunshot.  Snapmare takeover, headlock, and the fans chant “Man up.”  Mark tries to fight out, but whip corner, still throwing punches, Mark hits a jumping enziguri, but then Luster catches him and runs him into corner, puts him on his shoulders, but Jay into break it up.  Luster tags in Thornstowe and they cut off the ring.  They hold Mark’s arms over the ropes and hit a chest splash, Thornstowe tags in, whip to corner, Luster goes for spear but misses.  Thornstowe takes out Jay, then catches Mark on the ropes but Mark lands on his feet after a flip and makes the hot tag to Jay.  Jay comes in like a storm hits 3 huge clotheslines, then the redneck uppercut, headbutt off the ropes kicks and forearms but Death Valley Driver, neckbreaker, cover, 2 but Luster kicks out.  Chops from Mark, runs into a boot, but Mark counters with a Mongolian chop.  Suplex on Luster, then Mark uses his head to push and roll him out of the ring.  Thornstowe in by himself, splashes in the corner, Mark picks him up, Jay hits a running neck breaker, pin attempt, but Thornstowe kickout at 2.  Mark gives the “finish him” sign and Jay sets him up for Jay driller but Luster comes back in and pushes Mark into Jay, forcing a collision.  Luster hits a german suplex and double stomp to the heart on Mark, goes for the pin, but Jay breaks it up.  Jay and Luster exchange blows, goes for Jay Driller, can’t hook it and then a thunderous clothesline.  Thornstone catches Mark, but Mark bounces upside down on his head, lands on his feet, and climbs to the top rope.  Mark hits the Froggy Bow, Luster tries to break the count, but Jay stops him 1-2-3.

Winner: The Briscoes

Jay yells at camera, fans chant “Man up.”  Both teams are shown in the ring shaking hands and showing respect.

Dalton castle cuts a pre-taped promo, “Silas Young, isn’t this exciting?  It’s kind of like getting the band back together.  One last rendezvous, one last sadie hawkins dance.  Why are the boys not here?  Will the boys be there when I face you?  I don’t want them there.  I don’t want them exposed to what i’m going to do to you.  They’re sensitive, they have sensitive ears, sensitive eyes.  They can’t handle a fight without honor.”

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs The Young Bucks

After comercial Kelly says “Its main event time.”  MW3 says, “No, its not. Its PARTY time!”  And the Young Bucks come out to big cheers from the fans.  Kelly tells us “The YB are the hottest act in pro wrestling today.”  The fans litter the ring with streamers, Nigel McGuinness joins us on commentary, and we learn that in 2 weeks, we’ll see Addiction vs MCMG.  Next out is Unbreakable Michael Elgin.  They tell us Elgin has been saying “Hey, make sure when you talk about tag teams in ROH, don’t leave us out of the conversation either.  He means himself and his tag team partner” …and out comes Hiroshi Tanahashi, wrestling out of Ogaki, Japan.  The announce team gives us the backstory, “What a great tag team they are (Elgin and Tanahashi).  There’s a lot of animosity between the YB and both men, because when Tanahashi faced Kenny Omega for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, it was YB that assisted Omega.  Elgin came down and physically removed both the Bucks.”

The tale of the tape shows Elgin and Tanahashi have the weight advantage at 494 lbs vs YB at 382 lbs.  Fans chant YB.  Kelly, MW3, and McGuinness debate which team has the overall advantage, “This team that came together in 2015 (Elgin and Tanahashi) has ambitious plans in 2016.”  Kelley thinks YB have advantage because of experience.  McGuinness says “Advantage Big Mike and Tanahashi.”  MW3 says “I’ll give advantage to YB, but I think their arrogance might cost them.”  YB refuse code of honor.  Fans chant “2 sweet”,  bell rings, and we’re off.

Elgin calls for the test of strength, Nick asks the fans, then raises his arm, but holds up the Wolfpack sign instead and pokes Elgin in eye.  Nick off ropes, shoulder block, Elgin flexes and yells “Come on!”  Nick hits Elgin, Nick bounces off Elgin and Elgin gives him chop chop.  Nick thrown to the ropes, but he jumps over and flips, Nick spinning kick, goes to throw him, reversal, counter, jockeying for position, Nick slides over his back and tags Matt.  Matt throws Nick off him then hooks Tanahashi with an upside down head scissor handstand at the ropes while Nick connects with a kick. Matt baseball slides through the ropes, and while Matt halfway skins-the-cat, Nick leaps over top of him to the outside. The crowd is going nuts for the Spot Monkeys and we go to commercial.

Matt is on the top rope, crossbody but Elgin catches him, lifts him up on his shoulders, Matt gets out and goes for a superkick but gets stopped.  Tanahashi tags and they set up Matt in the corner, then Elgin running boot, spins and forearm also takes Nick off the apron.  Tanahashi has Matt on the floor, delivers a forearm to back of Matt, European uppercut, then throws him back in ring and tags in Elgin.  They both pick him up and hold him upside down in a delayed suplex, then finally back body drop.  Nick is on apron and yells “What’s your problem?”  Both Elgin and Tanahashi yell “suck it” as the give the crotch chop to Nick, and Tanahashi flicks his hand under his chin in insult for good measure.  Kick to Matt, Tanahashi sends him to corner, while from the outside Elgin hooks Matt’s arms on the ropes.  Nick tries to get in, but the ref stops him, and Tanahashi knocks him outside.  Tanahashi goes to blast Matt in the corner, but stops short and rakes his fingernails down Matt’s back.  The announce team tell us “Tanahashi is taking a play out of the YB playbook, rubbing salt in their wounds.”  Elgin tags in, delivers a clubbing forearm to the back of Matt’s neck, and picks him up for another delayed suplex.  Fans count up to 13, while Big Mike holds Matt in the air, before Nick runs into break it up, but instead Elgin hooks Nick and slams them both.  Elgin goes for the cover, 1-2 kick out.  Elgin picks Matt up, rams his head into the turnbuckle, tags in Tanahashi and the fans chant “Tanahashi!”  Matt counters off the ropes, but Tanahashi traps him in an abdominal stretch.  Dueling chants from the fans, “Let’s go Hashi!  Let’s go Bucks!”  Tanahashi plays some humain air guitar on Matt while stretching him.  Matt drives an elbow to the knee, hip toss, goes for tag but Tanahashi gets him by the foot, and syncs in a headlock.  Nick is yelling from top rope, Tanahashi yells “suck it” and Nigel says they really need to copyright that.  Matt breaks the hold, gets in an elbow to Tanahashi, then to Elgin, back to Tanahashi, delivering right hands, until Elgin drags him out and meets a superkick, Matt slides under the legs and gets the hot tag to Nick.  Nick delivers 1 dropkick, 2 dropkicks, 3 dropkicks, Nick is running the ropes, catches Elgin on apron.  Running the ropes again, “Hey Tanahashi, suck it” and a face-plant from Nick. Nick is flying all around, over top rope, face first powerbomb, then a tornado DDT on the outside.  The fans go nuts, Nick give a “2 sweet” to the camera and we go to commercial.

We’re back, senton from Nick, cover, hooks the leg, Tanahashi kicks out at 2.  Matt up on the apron now, tags in, the fans chant “SUPERKICK!”  Matt punches Tanahashi, Irish whip to corner, but runs into elbow, cross body off 2nd rope, and Tanahashi gets the tag to Elgin.  Elgin delivers forearms to Matt, theN Nick, then Matt, then Nick, then Matt, then Nick.  Splash to Nick, then Matt, then Nick, then Matt, suplex but Nick is there to catch Matt.  Nick goes for a superkick but Elgin send Nick’s kick into Matt, then Elgin picks them both up, holding them in his arms, and hurls them across ring for a double suplex.  Elgin pounds the turnbuckle the fans clap along.  Elgin delivers a deadlift superplex Falcon Arrow on Matt, 1-2 but somehow, someway Matt found the strength to kick out.  Buckle bomb, but Matt gets out, counter, Nick kick, up to the top rope, flip, Matt catches him, slam Elgin, tag team combo and MW3 asks “What on earth was that?”  Then SUPERKICK!  Matt says “see you later”, spin flip, Nick spin flip.  Throws Tanahashi out.  Fans chant “This is awesome!”  Matt climbs to top rope, Kelly starts to say More Bang, but realizes he called the wrong move and stops himself, before Matt flips off top rope, Nick flips off top rope.  Next Tanahashi tags, but Nick takes out Elgin, dragon screw leg sweep, SUPERKICK!, but Tanahashi runs through it and a clothesline turns Matt inside out.  Tanahashi gives two thumbs up, climbs the turnbuckle, gets on Elgin’s shoulders, bends backwards and a whip slam onto Matt.  Nick SUPERKICK!, Matt joins in for double SUPERKICK! and then another double SUPERKICK!  MW3 sings SUPERKICK! in 3 different octaves, he loves SUPERKICKS!  Matt picks up Tanahashi and yells “5 Star”, Nick yells “Meltzer Driver”, Matt goes for it, but Elgin catches him, Matt throw Tanahashi off, Tanahashi runs through slingblade on Matt  Elgin picks him up and delivers a powerbomb.  Tanahashi to the top rope, hits the High Fly Flow, it’s over folks, 1-2-3.

Winners: Michael Elgin and Hiroshi Tanahashi

Kelly says, a small measure of revenge for Elgin and Tanahashi.  While Omega is still the IWGP Intercontinental Champion, at least they got the Bucks.  He tells us “This is the best professional wrestling in the world today.  Fans next week on ROH, the World Title is on the line, Hirooki Goto challenges Jay Lehal.  You can’t miss it see you then.”  Tanahashi hugs the fans on his way out.

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