Roman Reigns Reveals Advice He Got From Vince McMahon After His Leukemia Diagnosis

Roman Reigns reveals what the Boss advised him during his hiatus

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns (Photo Credit:

Roman Reigns was diagnosed with Leukemia in October last year. Due to this, he had to step away from WWE for almost 6 months and it was during this time that the Big Dog got a valuable advice from the Boss Vince McMahon.

Reigns was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated for their Week In Wrestling column and during the interview, the former World Champion talked about a number of things.

He also spoke about the time after his Leukemia diagnosis. Discussing his return in February, he said that he is enjoying every moment now that he is back and it relates back to advice he got from McMahon during his hiatus:

“Now that I’m back, I’m enjoying every moment, That goes back to what Vince McMahon told me. Vince said to me, ‘Be present.’ He said, ‘Be there with your family and friends, and absorb everything you can. Maximize all that you can.'”

Apart from this Roman Reigns also talked about working with Dwayne Johnson while playing the role of his brother in Johnson’s new film Hobbs and Shaw.

He revealed that Dwayne, better known as the Rock still talks about WWE with interest and he noticed a light in his eyes whenever they were talking about Reigns’ career and his return. You can check out the full interview of Roman Reigns at this link.

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