Roman Reigns Has No Interest In Working With Paul Heyman

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns (photo:

In preparations for his big title match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, Roman Reigns took the time to answer questions in a recent interview.

One question that was asked if Reigns would like to have Paul Heyman represent him.

“Nah I like talking for myself. That’s one thing I want too, just a little longer promos you know what I mean? Just me and the mic that would be nice. Do a lot of interactive promos in the ring and stuff like that. That’s how you grow and it’ll be cool to get those long, solo promos. Working with Paul, there’s nothing wrong with just sitting there like a boss and let your attorney do the talking. Let him talk the logistics, and I’m sure Paul won’t have a problem reading off my resume, it’ll take a while but he’s pretty good with stuff like that. But I would still want to talk for myself, 100 percent.”

Another question that was asked is if this match with Lesnar would have a different outcome than the others.

“That gets thrown around a lot. It’s funny because we haven’t wrestled that much. We’ve only had the three, two being regular matches and the other being in a cage. The others were in multi-man matches like the Fatal Four Way last year at SummerSlam and the Triple Threat with Ambrose at Fastlane a couple of years ago.

But being in there with an athlete like Brock regardless if it’s WWE or MMA, he is an unpredictable and powerful character and athlete. So you always have to be careful in there because he’s strong, and can throw you very far. When you haven’t been in the ring with him that often, and he’s not around as often, that can always be a concern.”