Roman Reigns On Potential Match With UFC Star Jon Jones

Roman Reigns is ready to fight Jon Jones

Roman Reigns is ready to take on Jon Jones
Roman Reigns is ready to fight Jon Jones

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones had recently said that a move to WWE is ‘inevitable’ and it’s only a matter of time. Now it appears that Roman Reigns is ready to take on the MMA star when he arrives.

Reigns recently spoke to TMZ during the WrestleMania 37 press conference. He was asked if Jones can dominate WWE like UFC, and Roman said that he has the tools and there could be a future for him in wrestling if he can put in the time.

Discussing a potential match with the UFC star, the former World Champion said that someone like Jon would definitely want to be in there with the Big Dog. When asked if he can take on Jones in a match, Roman said that it would be a hell of a fight:

“Oh man, it would be a helluva fight,” Reigns said. “But when it comes to the squared circle, I don’t think there’s anybody better in the world. So, yeah, I feel very comfortable being in the ring with Jon Jones.”

Roman also said that Jon Jones has a huge career in UFC which is still going on so he should keep his eyes on the ball and don’t worry about WWE right now.

Apart from this, Roman Reigns discussed The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson joining WWE. You can check out what advice he would give to Simone in the video below:

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