Roman Reigns Opens Up About Fans Booing

Roman Reigns (photo:

Roman Reigns believes so long as fans are showing up to the arenas, it doesn’t matter if they boo him. The 32-year-old recently spoke to SunSport about his reaction to hearing fans respond negatively to him.

“I’ve done what I’m supposed to do and that’s draw people into the building,” Reigns said.

“What I and everybody in WWE thinks is to go out there and work hard and continue to show why I am the guy.”

Roman Reigns as “The Guy” in WWE

Roman Reigns has been in the main event of WrestleMania 4 years in a row. He is the company’s choice for their top babyface. Despite years of trying, however, the promotion has been unable to get fans to cheer him at live events.

“It’s not easy doing this every single day, going to every single town, and getting a reaction,” Reigns continued. “That’s what I do regardless of whether it’s all cheers, a mixed reaction, or heavy boos.”

Reigns would continue to say that although fans in the live arenas might boo him, WWE has to also consider the larger audience watching around the world.

“We have to look at it as a global company. We’re not just worried about the one town that we’re in, we’re covering our entire fanbase,” Reigns stated.

“The WWE Universe is humongous. We have to keep that in mind.”