Roman Reigns Reveals His Advice For Simone Johnson

Roman Reigns reveals the advice for his niece

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns (photo:

Simone Johnson has no shortage of family members she can turn to for advice when it comes to wrestling and one of them is the current WWE superstar and cousin of her father The Rock, Roman Reigns.

Reigns recently had an interview with TMZ where he talked about a number of things and he also revealed his advice for the newest WWE star.

The former World Champion was asked if his niece should use the People’s Elbow made famous by her dad and replying to the question, Roman said that his advice to Simone would be to develop her own personality:

“If I were to give her some advice, I’d say try to develop your own personality and develop your own shtick, your own character,” Reigns said.

“I mean, we can do anything we want. I could’ve been The Savage from the Island of Samoa if I wanted to, but I developed a different character and I went a different route.”

Reigns then explained that he has developed his own character but he is still able to pay homage to his heritage and Johnson will feel more accomplished if she does the same.

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