Roman Reigns Talks Shane McMahon Feud, Introduction Of Wild Card Rule

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Roman Reigns spoke with Phillip Martinez of Newsweek to promote his match against Shane McMahon at the Super ShowDown event.

During this interview, he spoke about his feud with Shane, which is where he noted that he loves it and that there is a long connection with fans and Shane.

“He may have thrown the party but he’s the biggest douche in the room. That’s what’s cool, that character and we’re able to do that and we’re able to connect with that. But for me it’s fun because I did this, I grinded for mine.”

Reigns continued by bringing up how this is how he pays the bills and provides for his family. He added that it’s a completely different character that he’s going up against right now, which is cool.

With the introduction of the Wild Card Rule, the former Universal Champion has been working both RAW and SmackDown TV events. It’s not been an easy schedule to do but he does it. 

“It’s not easy,” Reigns confirmed. “It’s tough work. It takes special people to do this kind of stuff. I’m cut from a different fabric. I’ve always been someone who can handle this type of workload. To be honest, I feel good.”

Reigns continued by stating that his role is to help the team and if that is what’s asked of him then “I’ll do everything to the best of my ability to get the job done.”