Roman Reigns & The Miz Comment On Their WrestleMania Matches Tonight

Roman Reigns On Facing Brock Lesnar Tonight For The Universal Championship

“I feel good. God woke me up and today is my day. Probably not going to feel good after this. Last time I wrestled Brock, I was still in a lot of pain for months after so we will see how it goes”.

Reigns was asked if the nerves were setting in and here was his response:

“It is time to get to work man. I’m here to get that title and collect bags. ASAP”.

The Miz On Defending The Intercontinental Championship Against Finn Balor & Seth Rollins Tonight

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How he has prepared for two of the top Superstars in WWE:

“This is the match that everybody has been waiting for. This is WrestleMania. This is what it is all about. This is what you train and prepare for the entire year. This year has been the year of The Miz and I will keep the Intercontinental Championship, the most prestigious and honorable title in WWE. I have been saying it since day one, since the first time I had that title, this title is everything to me and no one is taking it from me, especially at WrestleMania”.

Going into WrestleMania as a new father:

“It is everything. This is the first WrestleMania that I have a child. I don’t have words for it. Normally I could sit here and talk all day long, but there is a whole new side of me that I didn’t even know I had. Everyone always tells you when you become a dad it is going to change you and I was like nah it is not going to change me, but it really does. When you look in your daughter’s eyes and see the life that you have given, you want to make them proud. I know my wife is going to be watching on the WWE Network at home and you want to make them proud. You want to make them see you as a champion and that is exactly what I am going to set out to do”.

Jarrius “JJ” Robertson picking him to win at WrestleMania:

“Yeah! I know right? I am his least favorite WWE Superstar and Jarrius chose me to defend the Intercontinental Championship. Why? Because he knows and he gets it and everybody else is starting to get it. I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time and today will be the stamp. I’m ready to go”.

Below is the video of Jarrius picking The Miz to win the Intercontinental Championship match tonight. The Miz interviewed Jarrius after he received The Warrior Award at the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.