Roman Reigns & Triple H Hype Their Match Friday Night In Abu Dhabi

Roman Reigns’ Intercontinental championship will be on the line when he battles WWE COO Triple H at Friday night’s live event from Abu Dhabi. Both men spoke with about the match.

Reigns said he’s a fighting champion and has no problem putting the gold on the line against anybody. “I’m super excited,” he said. “Going against Triple H, I think that speaks for itself. I’m always down to defend my yard… It’s not just a regular match, it’s for my Intercontinental title. I’m looking forward to put it up on the line… that’s the type of champion I want to be.”

Triple H said “we’ll see” what happens when the Big Dog and The Game step in the ring together. They’ve tangled before and he thinks his intensity will give him the edge.

“I bring a different intensity that my era brought to the ring. This is kind of a rematch from WrestleMania 32… and Roman is probably one of the most intense competitors in the WWE right now so I look forward to stepping in the ring with him. He calls himself the ‘Big Dog’, I call myself ‘The Game’… So, we’ll see.”

Friday night will mark the first time Triple H has challenged for the Intercontinental Championship since 2006. He’s a 5-time IC champion.