Ronda Rousey Gives Jackass Star Steve-O A Tour Of Her Farm (Video)

Ronda Rousey recently gave Steve-O a tour of her sustainable ranch.

Ronda Rousey Steve-O

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne currently live on Browsey Acres, a sustainable ranch located in California. They recently posted a YouTube video of Rousey giving Jackass star Steve-O a tour of the ranch.

“We’re kicking off our smorgasbord of Steve-O content with Ronda and Trav giving the Jackass GOAT a tour of their sustainable farm Browsey Acres. He’s also working on some gnarly cauliflower ear,” a description of the video reads.

In addition to his acting and stunt work, Steve-O is a noted animal activist. He describes himself as a “bleeding heart veggie guy.”

“The entire tour features an interesting discussion on the ethics of meat and working towards a cruelty-free and healthier, self-sustaining lifestyle,” the description continues.

Rousey and Steve-O both talk about their attempts at a vegan diet and attitudes to sustainable agriculture in the video. It can be viewed in the player below:

Ronda Rousey on How WWE Influenced Her UFC Career

In a previous video posted by Rousey, she talked about how WWE influenced her approach to her UFC career.

“I wanted to make women’s MMA take off and I was looking at what the women’s fights didn’t have that the men’s had,” Rousey said in the video. “Because women could have exciting fights but nobody gave a s**t and I was trying to figure out why nobody gave a s**t.”

Steve-O talked about his appearance on WWE RAW on the Joe Rogan experience below: