Ronda Rousey Discusses Facing Sasha Banks At Royal Rumble, Brings Up Horsewomen Feud

Ronda Rousey Sasha Banks

If you’re excited to see “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey defend her WWE Raw Women’s Championship against “The Boss” Sasha Banks at Royal Rumble, then you’re not the only one.

Turns out that Rousey herself may be more excited about the prospect than the majority of the WWE Universe.

In a vlog uploaded over the weekend to her YouTube page, Rousey addressed facing Banks at this January’s Rumble event and even brought up the discussion of her MMA Horsewomen feuding with WWE’s Horsewomen. The video provides a unique look backstage of a WWE event, as well as the life of one of the company’s top Superstars.

“This Is My Dream Match”

“Everyone always asked me what is my dream match and I always say, ‘Sasha Banks.’ I think a lot of women have had their best match with Sasha. More people in the women’s division have had their best matches with Sasha, I think more than anyone else in my opinion. I’ve always been really excited about the potential she could really bring out of me,” Rousey admitted. “Up until this point, I didn’t think I was ready at the level where I could fully take advantage of the opportunity of being told to have a match with her.”

Regarding the matchup itself, Rousey confesses that she is “excited! Really super excited,” and that when she initially found out she “marked out super hard.”

“This is my dream match and I’m so excited. One reason why I’m really excited to have a match with Sasha is just there’s so many things that only me and her can be able to do. Very, very small and very, very durable is not a very common combination. […] There’s so many things with Sasha that I will be able to do with her because of how athletic and just knowledgeable of wrestling she is.”

“I’m really excited because I’m going to learn so much,” she said. “I’m just gonna be so much better in the ring for having absorbed everything that I can from her. We’re both faces, you don’t really get to work with each other. I’ve been able to watch her a lot and be in some tag-team matches with her and try to absorb things that way, but it’s different. You learn things different, moving around with somebody.”


“I’m excited to see what the promotion for this match is gonna be like,” Rousey said. “I would really like to bring the Four Horsewomen into the discussion because it needs to be addressed and it hasn’t been, so far. I think it’s a point of contention for all of us and everyone involved is just bursting with things to say, and I think this is finally the time to get some of it out.”

Could this be the start of this Horsewomen feud? Is that a rivalry you’d like to see?